Surgical Disembowelment - 1993 - Morbid
A Chapter Of Accidents - 1995 - Morbid
Human Slaughter ... Till Remains - 1997 - Morbid
Brain Corrosion - 2004 - Obliteration

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Terminator, Markiz De Sade, Priesticide Lust, Incarnated>>Kelner [Jarosław Andrzejczuk]>>Incarnated - Ptomaina, Coffee Grinders>>Jaro>>Coffee Grinders, Meat Spreader - Incarnated>>PIERSCIEN [ROBERT PIERŚCIŃSKI]>>Incarnated

Terminator, Pesticidal Lust>>Maly [Adam Andrzejczuk] - D.O.C, Coffee Grinders>>>>Tocha [Tomasz Naliwajko]>>Coffee Grinders, Meat Spreader - Recrimination, Neuropathia, Incarnated, Squash Bowels>>PIERSCIEN [ROBERT PIERŚCIŃSKI]>>Incarnated - Cinis, Sinful Souls, Altercated, Abused Majesty>>BIELEM ;ŁUKASZ BIELEMUK]>>Cinis, Sinful Souls, Altercated, Abused Majesty, Ukć

Maly [Adam Andrzejczuk] - Tocha [ [Tomasz Naliwajko]>>Coffee Grinders

Poison Dreams, DDT, No Hope, Evil Machine, Incarnated, Terminator, 707, Priesticide Lust, Spineless>>CYJAN [SLAWOMIR CYWONIUK]>>Poison Dreams, DDT, No Hope, Evil Machine, Incarnated, Terminator, 707, Priesticide Lust, Spineless

History & Biography
The Polish grindcore act arose out of the ashes of Front Terror in 1990. Two demos from 1991 and 1992 were called World Full Of Remains and Start Human Slaughter. The debut was followed by a split 7" with Blood in 1994. The band opened for Protector in 1994. A year later it was an opening slot for Vader and Six Feet Under that dragged the band across Europe. The band participated in the Grind Over Europe tour in 1996. The band has also released a MCD called The Greatest Shits in 1998 which featured covers.

Poland's Selfmadegod Records announced the reissue of the debut album from Dead Infection for 2010. The goregrind outfit's first full-length, Surgical Disembowelment, was originally released on CD and LP in 1993 by defunct German label Morbid Records. This re-issue of the album was strictly limited to 500 gatefold copies, with 100 on red vinyl and 100 on green.

Dead Singles Collection and The Lethal Collection were compilations. Brain Corrosion was issued in late 2004. Tocha played guitar and bass on it. The next release was a 2008 EP called Corpses Of The Universe. This was meant as a split release with Mortician that was not to be. Pierścień was on the mike and guitar. A couple of split released followed, but the band folded when Cyjan died at the age of 49 in 2020. His liver was not functioning.

Kelner and Maly are brothers.


The explanation behind the album's strange title is that it is nothing more than the sum of the band's two demos, 1992's Start Human Slaughter and 1993's World Full Of Remains. Whatever the rationale behind releasing the Polish grinders' demos on CD might be (even if they are re-mastered), the 80-minute, 19-track disc is a complete representation of all that makes grindcore sick. From the gore photography to the maledective vocals and blasting instruments the Poles uninterruptedly grind. fans of old Carcass, Necrony and Defecation can delve into this mid-price courtesy of Morbid Records. - Ali "The Metallian"


Dead Infection