The Grand Karoshi - 2008 - Season Of Mist
The Disease Of Saint Vitus - 2010 - Dynamic Arts

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G= Overrun>>JUHANI ILARI FLINCK>>Overrun - Kride Lahti
B= Erno Talvitie - Selfblind>>NEISSUS>>Selfblind
D= Evince>>Rainer Tuomikanto>>Evince, Kiuas - Spirit Disease>>MOHKIS>>Spirit Disease

Dead Shape Figure was formed in 2003 and proceeded to play shows with Cradle Of Filth, Moonspell and others. 2004’s demo was called Tomorrow Changes Nothing, while 2005 brought Promo 2005. 2006’s 6 x 9 resurfaced the songs through Santa Claus Records. The band next signed to Season Of Mist, a collaboration that lasted one album. The band next landed on Dynamic Arts Records. Album number two featured lyrics translated into English from Finnish poet Panu Tuomi's book. Guitarist Kride Lahti left in the spring of 2011. The Finns were still scheduled to tour with Kataklysm in Europe. Lahti was unmotivated by the band.

The band plays technical thrash and has covered most of Europe in the live arena. The band’s name was invented by kallio.


Where in Finland did this band come from?
Finland is normally known for its effeminate men and sham metal, but Dead Shape Figure will have none of that. Indeed, this band of thrash metallers is ablaze with a positively unFinnish fury with song after song a compass for metal done (mostly - read below) right.
The album begins at an end with Suicide, a song that needs, yes an imperative, to be heard loudly. The impact of the riffs here crushes so listen at 11. The heavy artillery fire comes in the shape of semi-technical riffs, slamming beats and raging vocals. The instruments are loud and the instruments serious in imposing damage. Could this band be Finnish and be real? By track two, Seraphim, it falls apart to some degree with clean vocals (later in the album clean vocal harmonies) and it is obvious that Dead Shape Figure is not going for a 100 or 90 grade, but the music is still untouchable. Names that come to mind are early Sadus, Dark Angel circa time Does Not Heal (and these Finns match that album's number of Finns) and even Skolnick-era Testament for the dexterity and technicality of the guitars. Idiopolis (likely referring to wherever all those K&F Finnish bands come from) sounds like Amon Amarth to start, Shrouds is a loud rock number with Finnish words and Cities of The Plain is a speed fest, but the overriding factor here is the merger of complexity, power and craft. The bass guitar is outstanding and the drums are tuned for heaviness.
Get this! - Ali “The Metallian”


Dead Shape Figure