Death Dealer>>DEAF DEALER>>Death Dealer - CANADA

Keeper Of The Flame - 1986 – Neat/Metal Blade/Mercury
Journey Into Fear - 2014 - Cult Metal Classics
An Unachieved Act Of God – 2014 - Hellion

Deaf Dealer image
S= Michael Flynn [Michel Lalonde]
G= Ian Penn [Yves Pednault] - Marc Hayward [Marc Brassard]
B= Voivod, Solo>>J.P. Forsyth [Jean-Pierre Fortin]>>Solo
D= Jean-Pierre Fortin>>Dan Mcgregor [Daniel Gregoire]>>Jean-Pierre Fortin

The band was founded in 1981. Brothers Andy LaRouche (singer), Michel LaRouche (drummer) and guitarists Yves Pednault and Gilles Bergeron and bassist Jean-Pierre Fortin were the founders. The group started out playing a mix of cover versions and originals.This Canuck act received much more praise for its demo output, (Demo ’83 and Demo II) recorded as Death Dealer, than it did for its debut album. The group moved to Montreal from its native Jonquiere, but lost the brothers in the process.

The band was managed by Michael Meese who was the owner of Banzai Records in Montreal. After appearing on Metal Massacre IV, the Canadian band released one album. Ross Richard played on the debut record, but McGregor was credited. The members’ names were anglicised in order to have them be pronounceable to fans world-wide. A second album was recorded but remained hidden as Mercury Records declined to issue it. Morrisound Studio of Florida, USA ended up owning the rights to the record. Deaf Dealer – new name as Mercury would not work with ‘Death Dealer’ - disbanded in 1987. The Canadian band reunited as Death Dealer for one show in Jonquière, Canada on July 4, 2009 in order to play some of its original ‘80s repertoire and open for Voivod. This became a permanent affair.

Over 25 years after it was recorded, Deaf Dealer’s Journey Into Fear album was being issued on September 26th, 2014 through Cult Metal Classics Records. The album was recorded at Toronto-area’s Metalworks with Dan Johnson and Scott Burns as producers in 1987. An Unachieved Act Of God was the new Death Dealer album in 2014. Guitarist Gilles Bergeron died in 2019.



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