Temptation - 1996 - MFN
Chamber Of One - 1997 - MFN

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S= ALEX CREAMER>>I-Remain, Lokust, The Construct

G= Phil Stevens – Slammer>>STEVE OWENS>>Sleath - Passion>>DARREN HOUGH>>Sleath

B= Epidemic>>TIM PRESTON>>City Of God, Damnation's Hammer

D= Slammer>>Bob Ryan – Deep Switch, Deeds>>SIMON DAWSON>>British Lion, Devilment, The Dead Soul Communion

History & Biography
UK metal band Dearly Beheaded released a demo in 1993 called We The Unwilling. The band won a MTV contest for the best unsigned metal band and consequently got signed to major label East West. The major then proceeded to drop the band before even releasing an album - hello Carcass! - because of the cover art which depicted a severed head. What did they expect? The band landed in the arms of Music For Nations instead. The act was dropped and split up in 1997, but fit in a tour with with Pro-Pain and Annihilator.

City Of God also featured members of Blaze and Xentrix. Dawson ended up in British Lion with Steve Harris of Iron Maiden.



Dearly Beheaded