Fragments Of Perdition - 2004 - Golden Lake

Death Du Jour image
S= Shadows Of Sunset, Luciferase, Pyuria>>TK [TAPANI KASURINEN]>Pyuria

G= Luciferase, Pyuria>>TK [TAPANI KASURINEN]>>Pyuria - Pyuria>>OM [OSKARI MÄKI]>>Pyuria

B= Fall Of The Leafe, Nightside, Luciferase>>PB [PASI BUNDA]>>Buryfication

D= Obruthion, Mental Transformation>>TF [TUUKKA FRANCK]>>Obruthion, Mental Transformation, Archgoat, Malum

History & Biography
Death Du Jour was formed in the autumn of 2000 and after two years of relative laxness began rehearsing intensively. PB and TK had tired of their other band's industrial/death direction and wanted something better. Guitarist OM joined the act in 2001. TF was also a replacement. The band recorded a debut EP in 2003 called Gamashinoch at Haven Studio with Antto Porkka. The EP garnered the band a deal with Scotland's Golden Lake Productions. The band's debut was issued in the autumn of 2004 and was recorded at Pop Studio. The band spent some of 2004 touring with the likes of Centinex and Insision. The act changed its monicker to Masraiche and disappeared.


Death Du Jour is a lame name, but the description does not extend to the Finnish band's music. That is another story. The abbreviated quartet likes its metal fast and technical. One almost wants to say this is Finland's answer to Hellwitch. That, and there is some Hate Eternal, Demilich and Immolation in here too. The guitar sound is sharp, the drums clicky and the vocals furious. Above all though it is the guitars which cut like a knife. While most bands which try their hand at a concept focus on the lyrics, Death Du Jour has take a different approach and actually created a concept out of a collage of photographs in the CD's booklet. It is a good one too, but you would have to see it for yourself. It is always good to hear respectable bands from metal-barren countries like Finland. - Ali "The Metallian"


Death Du Jour