The Time To Be Immortal - 2000 - Goldtrack

Deathless image
S= Death Silence>>EMILIO CANAS>>Death Silence
G= Michael Fidalgo - Jose Contreras
B= Antonio J. Cantos
D= Jose Luis Gonzalez>>Death Silence, Setge

Together under another moniker, Deathless was officially founded in 1995. After several sampler starts the Spaniards signs to the fledgling Goldtrack and surfs to Sunlight Studio Stockholm Sweden soon and serves a startlingly superior slab of stereo sound. The band had previously signed to Pulverised but due to problems there the label had regained its freedom and was able to seek out Goldtrack.

Canas reformed the band for another kick at the can.


Deathless are, in all probability, the best Spanish band I have ever heard. The sound emanating from my speakers is none other than music composed by international-quality heavy metal musicians who possess a keen sense of melody and all the right doses of speed and heaviness. Recorded at Sunlight Studios some two years ago, the delay in the release of The Time... is nothing but an injustice to the metal scene. Deathless, as mentioned, has truly mastered the art of catchy yet heavy metal. But particularly, the roar of Emilio Canas and the flair of the lead guitarists for delivering musical yet varied metal take me by surprise. Not only the band stands at the forefront of their domestic scene with songs like Razing life (the guitars!!), Torture Deep Inside My Mind (guitars and those screams!!) and Two Ways (haunting melody), but Deathless is a force to be reckoned with anywhere. Having said that, the band is not perfect. They do remind me of a nameless entity (who is it??), do have a certain Heartwork riff of Carcass' on Law Of Fire and lack a little rhythm guitar here and there; but certainly fans of In Flames, Iced Earth, early Pretty Maids and Arch Enemy must give this a chance. Deathless is a real treat for the speed/ death metal fan base. - Ali "The Metallian"