Riders Of Doom/Satan's Gift - 1986 - Noise
Raging Steel - 1987 - Noise
Deception Ignored - 1989 - Noise
Life Beyond - 1992 - West Virginia

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G= Apostasy>>Thomas Priebe>>Apostasy - Research, Mekong Delta, End Amen>>UWE OSTERLEHNER>>Research, Mekong Delta, End Amen - Hollenhunde, Research, >>SVEN FLUGGE>>Research, Good for Nothing


D= Hollenhunde, Research, >>MARKUS HAHN>>Research, Good for Nothing, Witchboard

History & Biography
Samhain was formed when two former Hollenhunde (hellhounds) members moved to Duesseldorf in western Germany. Samhain had its roots in 1983 and was a heavy metal/rock act. Changing names to avoid conflict with the other Samhains running rampant, the band released a well-regarded thrash metal album which was released in the USA as Satan's Gift. This was all a mystery to the band. Milo was the bass player to start. He was forced to also sing due to a lack of vocalists. The band had a first concert opening for Violent Force at a school and suitably impressed, Mille of Kreator presented Samhain's custom recorded demo, entitled Eternal Death, to Noise. Other shows were with Sodom and Kreator. The band toured Europe in autumn of 1986 as openers for Possessed and Voivod and got progressively more technical. The band was active between 1986 and 1989 and again from 1990 to 1994. Raging Steel was to be called Scattered By The Wind initially. The band opened for Coroner and Tankard. Thomas Priebe left in 1988. He disliked touring.

The band was dropped after the third album when they disagreed on touring and budgeting. The group signed with West Virginia and was disappointed that, like Noise, the new label changed its cover artwork without the band's input and permission. The band and label landed in court. The members had enough and threw in the towel. Guitarist Uwe became a guitar teacher and producer.