The Story of Death SS 1977-1984 - 1987 - Minotauro
In Death of Steve Sylvester - 1988 - Metalmaster
Black Mass - 1989 - Metalmaster
Heavy Demons - 1991 - Contempo
The Cursed Concert - 1992 - Contempo
Do What Thou Wilt - 1997 - Lucifer Rising
Panic - 2000 - Lucifer Rising
Humanomalies – 2002 – Lucifer Rising
Live 1990 The Complete Black Mass Show – 2006 – Cursed Coven
The 7Th Seal – 2006 – Lucifer Rising
Resurrection – 2013 - Lucifer Rising
Beyond Resurrection – 2017 – Lucifer Rising
Rock 'n' Roll Armageddon – 2018 – Lucifer Rising
X – 2021 – Lucifer Rising
Live Bootleg - Live Club Trezzo S/A (Milano) 15 April 2022 - 2022 - Fuel

Death SS image
Solo, Sancta Sanctorum>>THE VAMPIRE [STEVE SYLVESTER] [STEFANO SILVESTRI]>>Solo, Sancta Sanctorum

The Zombie [Claude Galley]>>Paul Chain - Paul Chain Violet Theatre>>The Death [Paul Chain]>>Paul Chain Violet Theatre – Sahara>>Emil Bandera [Emiliano Bandini]>>Smelly Boggs – Secret Sphere, Edge Of Forever, Elven King, Sweet Oblivion, Archon Angel, Frontiers All Stars, Black Eye, Lunarian, Ring Of Fire, The Erinyes>>AL DE NOBLE>>Secret Sphere, Edge Of Forever, Elven King, Sweet Oblivion, Archon Angel, Frontiers All Stars, Black Eye, Lunarian, Ring Of Fire, The Erinyes

The Mummy [Danny Hughes]>>Sancta Sanctorum – Neon, Gabuby Royal>>Kaiser Sose [Luca Giannoni]>>Gabuby Royal – Black Hill, Unredeemed, J27>>Glenn Strange>>Unredeemed, J27 - Black Hill, Unredeemed>>GLENN STRANGE>>Unredeemed

Paul Chain Violet Theatre, Paul Chain>>The Werewolf/Thomas Chaste [Andrea Vianelli]>>Paul Chain Violet Theatre, Paul Chain, Witchfield, Sancta Sanctorum, Where The Sun Comes Down – Neurotomy, Tossic>>Anton Chaney>>Neurotomy, Tossic, Motus Tenebrae, Silver P. – Smelly Boggs, Bruno Teodori>>David Simeone>>Smelly Boggs – Deformachine, Hell In The Club, Jason Goes To Hell, Morgana, Unredeemed>>Bozo Wolff [Federico Pennazzato]>> Hell In The Club, Jason Goes To Hell, Morgana, Unredeemed

Eldritch>>Oleg Smirnoff [Giacomo Biagini]>>Eldritch, Vision, Divine, L'Impero Delle Ombre, Shining Fury, Labÿrinth – G.L.A.S., H.A.R.E.M., Freddy Delirio And The Phantoms>>Freddy Delirio>>H.A.R.E.M., Freddy Delirio And The Phantoms, Hand On Heart – G.L.A.S., H.A.R.E.M., Freddy Delirio And The Phantoms, Hand On Heart>>FREDDY DELIRIO>>H.A.R.E.M., Freddy Delirio And The Phantoms, Hand On Heart

History & Biography
This mystical band was heard as early as 1981 through the Horned God Of Witches demo. Mysticism, theatrics and Aleister Crowley influence the band. The initial formation dates back to 1977. The concept featured the vampire (the singer), the zombie (the guitarist), the mummy (the bassist), the wolf man (the drummer) and the phantom of the opera (the keyboard player).

The band split in the early-'90s, but returned five years later based in Florence. Do What Thou Wilt was a concept based on the work of Aleister Crowley, It was taped at Academy Studio by Mags and Keith Appleton who had worked with Paradise Lost and others. The follow-up, called Panic, was recorded by Neil Kernon in the USA. It was a tribute to the god Pan. A 2004 package was called 30 Years Of Horror Music. The band issued an independent live album in 2009 called Live 2008 I – Gods of Metal. Rock 'n' Roll Armageddon featured several older tracks. This album was followed by several compilations. Resurrection was supported through a European tour and appearances at Sweden Rock Festival and festival. This was filmed and released as The Whole Rite DVD and a live CD and double DVD called Beyond Resurrection.

Death SS singer Steve Sylvester was working on a horror movie called The Devil's Graal. Former Mayhem member Culto Prietsu was assisting him. Death SS had a new album called Ten through Lucifer Rising on October 29th 2021. Death SS shot a video for the song The Temple Of The Rain. The compilation Horror Music Vol. 3 - B-Sides & Outtakes 2012-2022 was issued in 2023. The issuing label had also released the band's 2022 live record. Three new members arrived in 2022. These were guitarist Ghiulz Borroni, bassist Demeter (Dimitri Corradini) and drummer Unam Talbot. Death SS and Paul Chain released a split single with older music although the band was issuing split albums consistently. Death SS opened a show for Ghost in Italy.

Death SS' emphasis was on presentation and a horror look. Lucifer Rising is Sylvester’s imprint. The ‘SS’ in the band’s monicker stems from the singer’s name. The band's concert continue to feature a band in costume brandishing crosses aflame and emphasize pyro. Use of flesh, worms and bones are also part of the presentation.



Death SS