Triumphant Devastation - 1996 - Desecration
Dawn Of Armageddon - 1997 - Necropolis
The Ultimate Death - 1998 - Necropolis
Monumental Mutilations - 1999 - Necropolis
Violence Blasphemy Sodomy - 2004 - Earache

Deathwitch image
Sacramentum, Swordmaster>>Terror [Niclas Rudolfsson]>>Sacramentum, Swordmaster - Reaper - Sacramentum, Swordmaster>>TERROR [NICLAS RUDOLFSSON]>>Sacramentum, Swordmaster

Af Necrohell - Sacramentum, Swordmaster>>TERROR [NICLAS RUDOLFSSON]>>Sacramentum, Swordmaster - SLADE DOOM

Lady Death - Dissection>>Carnivore [Peter Palmdahl]

Sacramentum, Swordmaster>>Terror [Niclas Rudolfsson]>>Sacramentum, Swordmaster - MORBID JUTTU

History & Biography
Deathwitch is Terror's black metal side project. Desecration was a defunct Necropolis sub-label. Monumental Mutilations was recorded by Andy LaRocque and mastered by James Murphy. The album also featured re-recorded older tracks and a couple of covers.
After the release of the band's fourth album a period of inactivity ensued with the band vowing to return to record a new album called Deathfuck Rituals. Instead, the band signed to Earache in 2003 and recorded an album dubbed Violence Blasphemy Sodomy which was recorded at Fuck Recording and Magick Sound Studio. The band's line-up was Terror (vocals, guitar, bass), Slade Doom (guitar) and Morbid Juttu (drums).


This is what AC/DC would sound like if it covered black metal. Completely raw and untechnical, the band formed around Sacramentum drummer Terror, keeps the satanic devastation noisy and in the vein of Venom and Hell Hammer. A review likened the effect of this album to Slayer's supreme master piece Show No Mercy which I disagree with as the latter album was rife with clever rhythm changes and attacking lead trade offs. Deathwitch was scheduled to having released a second album by the time of this review, yet that has seemingly not materialized. Purveyors of unpolished black/death can down this for now. - Ali "The Metallian"

I recall not paying much attention to Deathwitch's previous albums. They seemed to be bland affairs now that I look back. This impression being wrong or right, the Swedes with the real metal moniker, are hitting me hard with their new album even though there are a few inconsistencies built in here. More of that later though. The horrifically-titled fourth album starts with one hell of a blazing track in the form of Demonic Witch (once we get past the mundane and forced introduction). The track twists and turns in high speed form. Setting the tone, the quartet very rarely apply the brake, all the while emphasizing the death metal-ordained: blasting power death. On the other hand, and this is the oddity, the album features tracks from different recording sessions and features rerecorded tracks from previous albums. Not certain why; perhaps I will explain it by pointing out the all new line up. Suffice to surmise that Deathwitch were intentionally going for the jugular with this one, making one of the rare appearances of death metal on Necropolis a success. - Ali "The Metallian"

Deathwitch has switched over to Earache for its latest album, but the honeymoon might already be over. The back cover, you see, proclaims "Note to Journalists: Deathwitch don't give a FUCK what you think...." Blood might be shed now that the label has defied the sentiment and opted to send promotional CDs to the press. Has anyone called the Bobbies yet?
Deathwitch is a primitive metal deathrashing band with loads of energy. The band is true to its word and implies early Vio-lence, early Blasphemy and early Sodom, - Sodom hopefully forgiving Deathwitch's typo - but also adds early Venom, Bathory and Slayer into the mix. It is a brutal and crude attack, which translates into vintage potency. A couple of songs like Bitchfinder do seem to plod along, but these are more than made up for by powerful onslaughts like Coffin Fornicator and Necrosodomizer. - Ali "The Metallian"