Riding With The Reaper - 2005 - Iron Fist
Holov Posen Tro May Trot - 2006 - Iron Fist
Thrashing Heavy Metal - 2008 - Pulverised

Deceiver image
S= Maze Of Torment, Serpent Obscene>>Destormo>>Maze Of Torment, Serpent Obscene - Embryo, Maze Of Torment, Flesh, Thrown>>PETE 'FLESH' KARLSSON>>Flesh, Thrown
G= Embryo, Maze Of Torment, Flesh, Thrown>>PETE 'FLESH' KARLSSON>>Flesh, Thrown
B= Xenofanes, Maze Of Torment, Thrown>>CRILLE LUNDIN>>Thrown
D= Flesh>>MAGNUS FLINK>>Flesh

The Swedes began deceiving in 2004 with Destormo joining on vocals a mere few weeks later. The band’s demo was soon released as a self-titled demo through Iron Fist Productions. Less than a year later the Swedes enter Studio Abyss once again to record a debut full-length. Several festival appearances ensue. Destromo takes his leave, however, finding an inability to devote time to Deceiver given his commitments to Serpent Obscene and Maze Of Torment. The band promotes Karlsson to also be its vocalist and hits Studio Abyss for album number two. The band goes on hiatus during 2007 until Karlsson manages to come up with some additional songs and the trio records a last album. While several shows are planned for 2009 Deceiver announces the year to be its last.


Don’t you love it when the band renders the reviewer obsolete by succinctly describing an album’s music? Deceiver indeed practises a thrashing form of heavy metal replete with crude heaviness and distortion to high heavens. It is loud and underground. Deceiver has the knack for sounding like the proto-thrash metal bands of yore when heavy metal bands were making the transition to thrash and still harboured elements of the former. The underlying melodies and rhythmic compositions are overlain with loud guitar chords with the distortion pedal and reverb turned up to the maximum. The album’s fade-in leads to a Satyricon-like pounding, but this type of thrash/bash is constantly enriched by 1980s’ style melodic metal moulding. It is both melodic a la Manilla Road and thrashing like Exodus. Any Liege Lord fans out there?
The vocals of guitarist and singer Pete Flesh are raspy and dry. He tries little of anything else. The production is exactly the same courtesy of Tommy Tägtgren and Abyss Studio and the music above average based on its simplicity and raw attack. - Ali “The Metallian”