Deep Purple Mark I Through VIII – Infographic with members and time-lines

A list of Deep Purple and its 8 different line-ups with member instrument, photograph and years of activity – 12.2021
Deep Purple a pioneer of hard rock and heavy metal, and a self-proclaimed world’s loudest band at one time, was founded in London, England in 1968. The band has composed many superlative songs, issued many actual classic albums and, in the process, operated under different line-ups. These line-ups have included members who have stayed put, as is the case of drummer Ian Paice, and members who have gone on to further success like guitarist Ritchie Blackmore and Rainbow or singer David Coverdale and Whitesnake. Each Deep Purple line-up is termed a ‘mark’ and of which there are eight so far. Several Deep Purple releases have incorporated the word ‘Mark’ in their titles as well. Each Deep Purple line-up and its associated year of activity is here.

Download The Deep Purple Marks I Through VIII Infographic pdf
Deep Purple Mark I Through VIII