The Reach Of Envy - 1997 - Independent
Pieces Of Nothing - 2000 - Pavement

Deep image

G= JEROME HOOFNAGLE - Las Cruces>>MARK LOPEZ>>Cast In Grey, The Ruined Few

B= NICK KOUMBIS>>Cast In Grey, Carry The Storm

D= Decius, Unwished>>SPIKE JACKSON>>Cast In Grey

History & Biography
This band was formed in 1992 and added drummer Jackson three years later. A demo featuring the songs Point and Hatefeed was released which lead to the debut produced by Solitude Aeternus' John Perez. The band opened for a number of bands and signed with Pavement. Pieces was produced by Machine Head's Logan Mader. The band supported the second album opening for Babylon Whores and King Diamond. In the autumn of 2001 Deep recorded a third album termed "more commercial," which was due in 2002. Glimmer became a demo in 2002 and the band split up.

Three members ended up in Cast In Grey. Nick was the singer.


Who can be sure if the band intentionally placed so much 'purple' on this album's cover? What one can be certain of though is the band's thrashed up heavy metal delivery which regretfully does not aspire to any type of distinction. The band is competitive in its delivery; it's just that it's too middle-of-the-road to make any sort of impact. While the band does mix in several tempos and riffing styles, it often reminds one of bands like Reign, Demented Ted or Dead And Bloated who at one time or other had little fault other than sounding indistinguishable from the competition, merely composing derivative and by-the-numbers songs. As such it is an educated guess that the band's recent trek with King Diamond will remain a career high point. - Ali "The Metallian"