Prelude To The Tragedy - 2004 - Grindethic
Psalms Of The Moribund - 2007 - Grindethic
Chapters Of Repugnance - 2010 - Willowtip
Passages Into Deformity - 2013 - Willowtip
Disposal If The Dead/Dharmata – 2016 - Willowtip
The Sanguinary Impetus – 2020 - Willowtip

Defeated Sanity image
S= Markus Keller>>Morbovia - Jens Staschel>>Sinners Bleed, Derogation, Psychaotic, Pighead – Disgoge, Deprecated>>A.J. Magana>>Deprecated – Despondency, Gallery Of Darkness, Funeral Procession, Precognitive Holocaust Annotations, Resection>>Konstantin Lühring>>Precognitive Holocaust Annotations, Resection – Witch King, Autonomy>>JOSH WELSHMAN
G= Muck Groh>>Wolfgang Teske - Märchenwald, Hatred>>Christian Munzner>>Necrophagist, Obscura, Majesty, Alkaloid, Solo, Eternity's End - Christian Kühn
B= Syncopate>>Tino Koehler – Chaosphere, Cerebric Turmoil>>JACOB SCHMIDT>>Chaosphere, Cerebric Turmoil
D= Sinners Bleed, Mucopus, Belphegor, Abstractyss>>LILLE GRUBER>>Sinners Bleed, Mucopus, Belphegor, Abstractyss

Defeated Sanity hails from the state of Bayern in the south of Germany. The band has been active since 1994 since formation by Wolfgang Teske (himself a drummer) and his son Lille Gruber. Several demos were also issued in the ‘90s. The band next got into the split release trend through Grindethic and Merciless Records before 2004’s Prelude To The Tragedy EP, which was followed by a full-length of the same name. Lille Gruber was filling in on the drums for Belphegor on the 2007 North American tour with Unleashed and Krisiun. Another demo and another full-length and another demo lead to a contract with USA’s Willowtip Records in 2009. Jens Staschel had left the band in June of 2008. The band was entering Soundforge Studio in Berlin that summer to record its album, Chapters Of Repugnance, which was due in 2010. The album was a concept pertaining to humankind’s history. Defeated Sanity released its next album, Chapters Of Repugnance, on May 4th, 2010 through Willowtip Records. Teske died in 2010 having left the band in 2008. The album was recorded at Soundforge Studio in Berlin and featured A.J. Magana from Disgorge on vocals. In late 2012, German band Defeated Sanity completed work on its full-length album, Passages Into Deformity, for a February 5th, 2013 release through Willowtip Records. An Old Demos compilation had appeared in 2012. Konstantin Lühring was now on vocals. The band put together two EPs as one release in 2016. The EPs featured two distinct styles. The band uses touring musicians occasionally. A new full-length entitled The Sanguinary Impetus was released Worldwide through Willowtip Records in July 2020.



Defeated Sanity