Defender image
S= Dirk ‘Benny’ Bender

G= Sheer Greed, Desire, Axxon>>ANDREAS SCHMITT>>Sheer Greed, Desire, Axxon – Scapegoat>>JOSEF POMPONIO>>Scapegoat

B= Scapegoat>>DANIEL HERBERT>>Scapegoat

D= Bastard Nation>>THORSTEN KALBHENN>>Bastard Nation

History & Biography
Defender played powerful thrash metal between 1984 and 1990. The sound had become heavier over the years. There were several demos in the 80s with names like Damien, Defender and Atomic-War. Singer Thomas Holbein figured on the first two of these. The group opened a show for Messiah in 1986. The band opened for Tankard and Living Death next. Other shows announced were with Cyclone, Blessed Death and Angel Dust. The band appeared at Metal-Invasion with Angel Dust, Pestilence and others. A Symbol Of Devotion was a 1989 MLP. Like every other band they just couldn’t let sleeping dogs lie and reappeared in 2012. The guitarists were the singers. The group started recording for a ‘Demo 2020’ in 2020. It was also time to begin working on a rarities’ compilation as well.