DEFIANCE>>Inner Threshold>>Under - USA

Product Of Society - 1989 - Roadrunner
Void Terra Firma - 1990 - Roadrunner
Beyond Recognition - 1992 - Roadrunner
The Prophecy - 2009 - Candlelight

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G= Doug Harrington - SOSA, Attrition, Inner Threshold, Indica>>Jim Adams>>Indica, Inner Threshold - Attrition, Inner Threshold, Indica, Severed Fifth>>JIM ADAMS>>Severed Fifth
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Defiance was one of the later San Francisco Bay Area thrash bands. The band was formed in 1985 by guitarist Brad Bowers and drummer Matt Vander Ende in Oakland. The name Defiance was chosen by Bowers whose girlfriend was suspended from school for discipline issues. Exodus' Paul Baloff was friends with the act and even sang for them once.

Soon Harrington and Bowers did not get along which eventually lead to the latter's departure. The band's singer at the time is one Mitch Mayes who was in Attrition with Adams. Elkington replaced Mayes in a matter of months though. This line-up recorded a demo, which garnered the band a seven-album deal with Roadrunner after Defiance's manager Ace Cook (also a Testament road crew member) passed it on to Monte Conner of the label.

Product Of Society was recorded by Jeff Waters of Annihilator after Roadrunner (Annihilator's label) heard Waters' production for his own band! When Roadrunner decided to drop the band following the lackluster sales of Beyond Recognition, the first to leave was Adams. He was followed by Hernandez, which sealed Defiance's fate. Dave Godfrey of Heathen was with the band for a few weeks though.

The band reformed in late 2004. Guitarist Doug Harrington died of cancer on November 14th of 2006. The band was working on a new album and video. Candlelight Records signed the reunited Bay Area thrashers in late 2008. The band was due to release a new album in May of 2009. San Francisco Bay Area thrash band Defiance released its reformation album, The Prophecy, instead on October 19th through Candlelight Records. It had been over 14 years since the band released music. The music was taped at Trident and Greendot Studios. Defiance recruited drummer Burton Ortega of Kaos in early 2010. Defiance guitarist Jim Adams joined California's Severed Fifth in 2010, a band that released music freely via the web. Defiance guitarist Shawn Bozarth formed a new metal band called One Less Enemy in 2010. The band was performing live. Defiance could not defy reality and again threw in the towel in early 2012. Jim Adams has moved on to Severed Fifth.