Deicide - 1990 - Roadrunner
Legion - 1992 - Roadrunner
Amon: Feasting The Beast - 1993 - Roadrunner
Once Upon The Cross - 1995 - Roadrunner
Serpents Of The Light - 1997 - Roadrunner
When Satan Lives (live) - 1998 - Roadrunner
Insineratehymn - 2000 - Roadrunner
In Torment In Hell - 2001 - Roadrunner
Scars Of The Crucifix - 2004 - Earache
The Stench Of Redemption - 2006 - Earache
Till Death Do Us part - 2008 - Earache
To Hell With God - 2011 - Century Media
In The Minds Of Evil - 2013 - Century Media
Overtures Of Blasphemy – 2018 - Century Media
Banished By Sin - 2024 - Reigning Phoenix

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S= Vital Remains>>GLEN BENTON>>Vital Remains

G= Carnage>>Eric Hoffman - Carnage>>Brian Hoffman - Cannibal Corpse, Adrift, Beyond Death, Estuary, Grave Descent, Carach Angren>>Jack Owen>>Adrift, Estuary, Beyond Death, Grave Descent, Carach Angren - Death, Iced Earth, Sebastian Bach>>Ralph Santolla>>Obituary, Redscream, Toxik, Devil’s Highway - Order Of Ennead, Council Of The Fallen, Shadow Society, I, Enclave>>KEVIN QUIRION>>Shadow Society, Order Of Ennead, I, Enclave – Monstrosity>>Mark English>>Monstrosity - Infernaeon, The Absence, Gus G., Scab, Wombbath, Goregäng, Soilwork, Massacre, Dritt Skit, Raven Glare, Eye Of Purgatory, Smoke & Mirrors, Inhuman Condition, Fore, Umbilicus>>TAYLOR NORDBERG>>Infernaeon, The Absence, Scab, Goregäng, Dritt Skit, Raven Glare, Eye Of Purgatory, Smoke & Mirrors, Inhuman Condition, Fore, Umbilicus


D= Council Of The Fallen, Order Of Ennead, Evil Amidst>>STEVE ASHEIM>>Council Of The Fallen, Order Of Ennead, Evil Amidst

History & Biography
Amon was formed in 1987. Influenced by Slayer, Deicide rose to the peak of the Florida death metal movement, while seeming genuine in its Satanic beliefs in contrast to many of its contemporaries. The band has attracted as much notoriety for its stunts as for its speedy death metal. Amon: Feasting... is a compilation of Deicide's two demos.

A vicious front growler who burns a cross in his forehead, dreamt of dying before 33 (Jesus' death age - too late now), entering a suicide pact and suggested he kills animals occasionally is bound to attract fans and detractors and so has Deicide. An animal militia reportedly, organized a bombing in Stockholm, Sweden. Other anecdotes include Benton's aversion to sitting next to a nun on an aeroplane, getting into an argument with King Diamond over whose Satanism is superior, not touring Germany due to bad experience with catering, criticizing a promoter for having 'Messiah' open for the band and demanding Cathedral switch spots with the band because too many fans leave after witnessing the first five bands during European festivals. Glen Benton had also auditioned for Nasty Savage in 1986. With help from Cannibal Corpse the band had relocated to Buffalo for a few months in 1990. Deicide's music has remained consistent over the years and not resorted to stylistic commercialism. Up until 2001 Deicide was the sole remaining metal band on the Roadrunner Records stable. In 2002 the band announced that future releases will be issued independently and Glen Benton took over the vocal spot with Vital Remains for the studio recordings of the latter's latest album. A European tour was announced for 2002 featuring openers Centinex, Behemoth, Antaeus, Destroyer 666 and Diabolic. The European agent shortens the list to Deicide, however, as local promoters were supposedly not willing to book six bands. Deicide signed to Earache late in 2002 despite past announcements that the band will remain independent. Deicide started 2003 by touring the USA with Amon Amarth. Deicide and Amon Amarth cancelled a scheduled show in Denver during this tour because of the long drive from Seattle and adverse weather conditions. Eric Hoffmann and a roadie named as Benjamin T. Boynton (an anagram for Benton?) were reportedly arrested upon leaving Canada for the US in October, 2003 for carrying weapons, narcotics and steroids. The band's Detroit show was cancelled. The band later cancelled a Montreal show ostensibly due to a broken down van.

The band's debut for Earache, Scars Of The Crucifix, was recorded at Morrisound Studio in Tampa with producer Neil Kernon. The band shot its first music video in early 2004. The clip was for the title track to the new album Scars Of The Crucifix. The band also hit the road next with Morbid Angel and others. Later that year, it was known that the band was no longer part of a tour with Superjoint Ritual after several shows. Schedule and money problems supposedly caused the parting. A spring of 2004 romp through Europe was also cut short when the band announced itself dissatisfied with the Metalysee tour agency and cut short its dates. The band toured Europe that summer courtesy of another booking agent and later re-signed with Earache Records. The American black metallers recruited one-time Cannibal Corpse guitarist Jack Owen for the band's late 2004 European tour with Arkhon Infaustus. Guitarist Brian Hoffman could not make the trip due to personal reasons. In the meanwhile, the same tour had had to be partly postponed due to the death of drummer Steve Asheim's father. Furthermore, Eric Hoffman had also been replaced with Vital Remains' Dave Suzuki. Hoffman was seemingly MIA! At this juncture fans were not surprised when The Hoffmann brothers were announced as turfed from the band for a general lack of commitment. Band leader Glen Benton expressed his desire to have Vital Remains' Dave Suzuki replace them. Soon thereafter, the guitarists sued their former band members and the band's label Earache Records accusing the former of misinformation and the latter of irregularities with the royalty contract. A little later Unholy Ghost claimed it has managed to recruit guitarist Eric Hoffman. The said guitarist, however, denied the report and was supposedly putting together a new band. Deicide’s The Stench Of Redemption album was issued by Earache in May, 2006. Singer Glen Benton were to pull a double shift every night in the spring of 2006 performing with Deicide and Vital Remains on the bands' The God Killers Tour Part 2 through the USA. The band’s Canadian tour had to be cancelled when the members were unable to gain access to the country due to visa and past criminal record difficulties. Deicide performed a European tour without singer Glenn Benton at the beginning of 2007 when the singer had to stay at home to deal with “family issues!” Seth Van Loo of Centurian fame and Garbaty of Dissenter replaced Benton on vocals on select dates and the band performed without bass! The band’s Doomsday L.A. video was also out in that time frame. Austrian police also arrested drummer Steve Asheim after bank employees became suspicious of the bank notes he was depositing into the band’s accounts. A leaky red pen was cited as the cause of the fishy currency! The band cancelled its planned appearance at Milwaukee Metalfest XIX in 2007. Incantation was added to the line-up. Christian Catholic guitarist Ralph Santolla had left the band around the same time and would join Obituary soon. Drummer Asheim would also play with Council Of The Fallen.

The group was at Morrisound Studio in late 2007 and early 2008 recording an album called Till Death Do Us Apart. After a 14-month absence from the touring scene frontman Glen Benton cleared his “legal problems” and returned to the scene in May of 2008 in conjunction with the release of the new record. A tour with Adrift and Malevolent Creation was next in the USA. Order Of Ennead, featuring Steve Asheim, singer and guitarist Kevin Quirion of Council Of The Fallen, guitarist John Li and Resurrection bassist Scott Patrick, signed with Earache Records in the summer of 2008. Deicide picked up Kevin Quirion from Order Of Ennead as a touring guitarist later in 2008. Deicide and its tour adventures! The American black metal band cut short its trek though Central America in November, 2008 claiming the airline had given away the band’s tickets and forced a delay. The band further claimed lack of contact and cooperation from the local Honduras promoter leading to a decision to fly back to the USA. The band signed to Century Media records world-wide in January, 2009. The band led by original members Glen Benton (vocals and bass) and Steve Asheim (drums) had been busy at Audiohammer Studios with Mark Lewis (Black Dahlia, Chimaira, etc.) and was looking at a summer release. The group had reunited with guitarists Jack Owen (ex-Cannibal Corpse) and Ralph Santolla (Obituary, Ex-Iced Earth and Death) and was just back from a European tour. Former Death/Obituary guitarist Ralph Santolla would rejoin Deicide for an upcoming Winterfest 2009 European tour, which also featured Samael and Devian. Another tour soon got cancelled. The Australian and New Zealand tour was cancelled after the band claimed it was focusing on completing its debut for Century Media Records. In the meantime, singer Lenny Warmbrandt, drummer Steve Asheim (Deicide), bassist Xaphan (Kult Of Azazel) and Gio Geraca (Malevolent Creation) banded together in a band called Evil Amidst. The group was recording an album, but had no official label yet. A North American headlining run titled God Is Dead – To Hell With God Tour, would precede Deicide’s To Hell With God album, which was due in early 2011. The trek was to kick off February 15th and also feature Belphegor, Blackguard, Neuraxis and Pathology.

To Hell With God was produced by Mark Lewis and was still set for an early 2011 release. Deicide was slated to participate in a North American headlining tour called March Of Death 2012 in March 2012. Support would come from Jungle Rot, Abigail Williams and Lecherous Nocturne. The band cancelled its 2012 European shows in the summer. Deicide would embark on The End Of The Word Tour 2013 beginning in March. Opening at various times were Destinity, Karnak, Arvas and Sweetest Devilry. Spread The Metal Festival added Deicide to its Halifax edition in the August of 2013. The band would play alongside Erimha and Augury among many others at the Marquee Ballroom. Deicide would release a new album, In The Minds Of Evil, in the autumn of 2013 through Century Media Records. The album was being recorded at AudioHammer Studios in Sanford, Florida with producer Jason Suecof. Necronomicon, Disgorge and Broken Hope would support Deicide on the No Salvation Tour 2013 in October. A 30-year-old man named Jesus Ortega was arrested for allegedly attacking three people during Broken Hope's set opening for Deicide at the Tricky Falls club in El Paso, Texas on October 22nd. Deicide and Broken Hope had a falling out until the band’s reconciled, to keep the tour intact, after arguing publicly over a shared bass rig. Broken Hope’s Jeremy Wagner had claimed Deicide’s Benton had lost the former band’s bass rig cables and Benton countered that Broken Hope wouldn’t allow him to use the rig anymore. Wagner called Benton “unprofessional” and “egomaniacal” among other things, while Benton claimed the opening band didn’t understand the protocols of being an opening band. Deicide was supposed to headline the fifth edition of the annual Metal Alliance tour in 2015. Support on the tour would come from Entombed A.D., Hate Eternal, Black Crown Initiate and another band. Deicide signed with Live Nation and Yahoo! to stream its June 3rd 2015 concert from Denver, Colorado. It could be heard on Yahoo! Screen. Due to financial problems, Continental Concerts cancelled the Metal Alliance Tour. Deicide was continuing on its own. Entombed A.D. was booted from the shows as well. Deicide would embark on the Death In The Manger U.S. tour in December 2015. A purported First Annual Florida Metal Fest organized by Obituary's John And Donald Tardy would take place on January 30th 2016. The concert featured Corrosion Of Conformity, Trouble, Atheist, Deicide and more. Deicide and former Cannibal Corpse guitarist Jack Owen parted ways in November, 2016. The band instead picked up Mark English (Monstrosity). Owen was playing on the road with Carach Angren the summer prior. Deicide was touring the USA in May 2017. Ralph Santolla died on June 6th 2018 in Tampa, Florida, USA. He was in a coma after suffering a heart attack on May 30th. He was 51.

A new Deicide album was out in the autumn. Mark English was on second guitar. Deicide would play at PartySan Metal Open Air Festival 2019 which was to take place in Schlotheim, Germany in August 2019. Belphegor, Satan, Testament, Legion Of The Damned, Devangelic and others were also confirmed. Deicide, Origin, Jungle Rot and The Absence would embark on the Overtures Of Blasphemy North American tour in May 2019. Despite the pandemic Deicide performed a concert in Florida on April 17th 2021. The band, Kataklysm, Begat The Nephilim and Internal Bleeding were touring the USA in 2021. The quartet would embark on a tour commemorating the 30th anniversary of its legion album in 2022. The band was to perform the album in its entirety. Deicide picked up guitarist-for-hire Taylor Nordberg (The Absence, Scab, Massacre, Soilwork, Inhuman Condition et cetera) to replace Chris Cannella, who had joined the band in 2019, at the beginning of 2022. Morbid Angel pulled out of Maryland Deathfest owing to COVID-19 and was replaced by Deicide, which was to perform its 1992 album Legion in its entirety. The band was doing the same at The Dortmund Deathfest in Germany in August 2023. Deicide was working on and recording a new album that was due in 2023. It was the follow-up to 2018’s Overtures Of Blasphemy. Bible Bashers was the name of a compilation of three Roadrunner era albums. Roadrunner Years was another boxed set of vinyl. Screaming Ancient Incantations was yet another one in 2023.

Deicide signed to the newly formed Reigning Phoenix Music (RPM) for its 13th full-length album, Banished By Sin. Glen Benton was signing autographs at San Diego Comic Con. Deicide was to tour Europe beginning at the Beyond The Gates festival in Bergen, Norway on August 2nd and culminating at the Motorcultor festival in Saint-Nolff, France on August 18th. The band also appeared at Wacken. The latest album was issued in April 2024.


Whereas it might have seem with the more recent albums that Deicide is merely going through the motions, Scars Of The Crucifix is a ferocious album with genuine power and passion. Glen Benton bellows into the microphone with all the rage of a madman possessed. He is revisited by the very same demons who provided backing vocals on the band's exulted debut. The guitars are meteoric and the leads supply the songs with metallic inspiration. The solos are fantastic. The drums are incessant and all the more powerful because of a heavy drum sound which evades the pots and panish snare of many other death metal bands.
Scars Of The Crucifix is an ungodly album reminiscent of Deicide's first two albums. Now can someone write in to explain what the odd monologue in the middle of the album is meant to be? - Ali "The Metallian"

Deicide Interview
Deicide, Cancer and Demolition Hammer were touring North America in October of 1992 when the groups arrived and played at La Brique in Montreal, Canada on a Tuesday night. With no pre-arranged set-up or time slot, Ali “The Metallian” caught up literally in the corridor with the black/death metal icon Glen Benton, who fronts Deicide, as he was exiting the venue and recorded the conversation. Here is what Benton had to say about his band, other bands and a couple of other topics during the course of a quick conversation. – 06.10.1992

METALLIAN: Glen, you have said in the past that you know the real truth and someone like King Diamond, for example, doesn’t know the real truth. What is the real truth that you know?
BENTON: Well, just take a look at King Diamond and the little boots he wears!

METALLIAN: What is the truth?
BENTON: I think King Diamond knows what I am talking about.

METALLIAN: For us who don’t know, could you elaborate?
BENTON: Well, let’s just say this: When it comes down to the hardcore facts put me and King Diamond in a bed and there is going to come out one person. That one person would be me… and not King Diamond. I am not in this for the fucking theatrics, man. I am not doing this for fucking monetary gains.
I am doing this because of something that I have been sent here to do. King Diamond does this so he can wipe some fucking white shit over his face and pretend that he is a Satanist. He has already openly admitted that he is not an advocate for Satan.

METALLIAN: Why do you put your beliefs in front? Even the music is taking a backseat…
BENTON: It’s my life.

METALLIAN: But why should the fans, people who buy the albums be aware of them?
BENTON: Why should they be aware of them? I think that it’s the fucking fact that who I am and what I believe in is what’s selling this band. The music comes secondary, but then again I write a lot of music too. So the music is written with only one intent. That’s what we do and what we are. That’s why the music sounds the way it does because we fucking are not having to try to be something that we aren’t. It comes quite fucking easy to write what we do.

METALLIAN: Now you obviously, as a band, have an image. Why should we…
BENTON: … I have a lifestyle. I don’t have an image.

METALLIAN: OK. So let’s say glam bands have a lifestyle and so do you...
BENTON: … No, no, no. Let’s not even get started… that’s apples and oranges, man. Glam bands fucking wear make-up and take it up the ass, alright? Whereas, fucking, I do this, I have an old lady and a kid at home. I am not doing this shit for the pussy. I am not out here doing this thing for anything else other than the fans who come to see us and buy our albums. That’s the only reason I am here.

METALLIAN: Your signature is in the inner sleeve of the album. Your personal message is there too. Is this you or is Deicide a band of four people? Why doesn’t the rest of the band get their own signatures…
BENTON: … Verbally, in Deicide I am the one that’s… verbalized in Deicide.

METALLIAN: What do the other guys say about your signature being in the inner sleeve? Do they have a problem with it?
BENTON: No, not at all. No, we are Deicide. They know what my job is.

METALLIAN: So, the band is four people.
BENTON: I manage Deicide, I tour manage Deicide, I fucking write lyrics for Deicide, I fucking play bass for Deicide, I write music for Deicide. I babysit for Deicide. I do it all, man. If I can’t fucking have my say on the album, then, what the fuck? Nobody in the band objects to what I have to do. In fact, if anything, they are all behind me with what I have to do.

METALLIAN: You have been getting a lot of shit from other bands. Exodus said in an issue of Canada’s M.E.A.T. magazine that you were afraid of being blown off the stage by a Christian band at Milwaukee and that, if you are so evil, maybe you should put a spell on them and Obituary thinks you are Venom. Why are you getting this from other bands?
BENTON: As far as a fucking Christian band at Milwaukee, the deal was with that some fucking Christian cockface from a band called Tourniquet got a little fucking mouthy with me and he didn’t realize the legits of what he was actually saying before it was too late. So, he opened his mouth and started talking shit like (mimics a boastful tone) ‘we will meet up with Glen at Milwaukee because we are playing’ and I said ‘well, that’s too bad because I am headlining and you are not!’

The band ran through a flawless set of tracks from its first and self-titled, as well as follow-up Legion albums. Deicide’s performance was one thing. The faces of the La Brique bouncers when Glen Benton asked the audience members on the second floor balconies to jump off was something else.
Deicide was bassist and singer Glen Benton, guitarists Eric and Brian Hoffman and drum maniac Steve Asheim.

Deicide Interview
Tape technology is awful. It is not as bad as digital, but it is inefficient and prone to failure nonetheless. A cassette tape from 1995 somewhat works at least. Imagine, trying to retrieve, or put to use, a digital file from 1995 however. It would not play, be stuck on a floppy or have an obsolete file type. So, at least a wobbly cassette tape is somehow utilitarian.
What dos this have to do with Deicide? This interview was recorded on a cassette and portions of it had become inaudible or garbled. It is too bad, but the extent of the conversation that was audible is printed below.
My interviewee, singer and bassist Glen Benton of Deicide, and I sat down to speak while the American death/black metal was on tour in Europe during the early spring of 1995. - 04.1995

METALLIAN: Glen, Deicide is about to release a new album. Could you speak about it?
BENTON: It is more simplistic.

METALLIAN: What do you mean it's more simplistic?
BENTON: Simplicity, I mean the songs now. Not so much that… I mean not putting out songs just because they are easy to play.

METALLIAN: What is the name of the album?
BENTON: Once Upon The Cross.

METALLIAN: I have heard the titular track and you repeat something at the beginning.
BENTON: At the beginning of the song? Yes, ‘fear him.’

METALLIAN: Yes, ‘fear him.’ Fear who? Fear Satan? Why?
BENTON: You have to read the lyrics, man. Once Upon The Cross is a pun. It's basically saying… the beginning verse deals with Christ going to the valley of temptation, tempted by Satan and finally Satan, without giving Christ a choice, gives him the leaves off the tree of life and the second verse goes into the crucifixion.

METALLIAN: Talk about some of the other songs. For example, what is your favourite song?
BENTON: I like them all, man. Like Behind The Light Thou Shall Rise is my favourite song.

METALLIAN: I noticed that people in the audience are asking for the song Dead By Dawn from the debut album. Does it bother you that people are asking for songs off the first album and not necessarily the second?
BENTON: It doesn’t bother me. It is good tunes, man. You cannot deny them. People are going to want to hear them regardless.

METALLIAN: Personally, I found the first one to be better. Perhaps because it sticks in your mind.
BENTON: The third record will be catchier.

METALLIAN: I saw the cover and I read in Kerrang, and I think Kerrang is usually wrong, that there was problem with the cover.
BENTON: In England they pushed the release date back into May. Because over there they didn’t want the record to come out during Easter like we are releasing it in Germany and the rest of the world.

METALLIAN: This one features a conceptual cover. You usually have a simpler cover, but this time you went for a concept. What is that concept?
BENTON: Basically, it is showing everybody that Christ is human and before it uncovers the sheet that covers the body… and when you flip the page and it take the sheet off the cover you see the body and it is like disembowelment.

METALLIAN: Who came up with this idea?
BENTON: Yours truly.

METALLIAN: Who did the cover?
BENTON: Trevor Brown. He is from the UK and then was in Tokyo in Japan.

METALLIAN: How did you meet him?
BENTON: A friend of mine in Denver, Colorado hooked me up with him.

METALLIAN: Now let’s talk about the record company, Roadrunner. All I have heard in the last two years is that you have had problems with them.
BENTON: We were, but everything seems to be smooth now.

METALLIAN: What kind of problems were you having?
BENTON: Mmmm… didn’t have a good lawyer. We have a good lawyer now so everything is ironing itself out.

METALLIAN: What do you think of the label?
BENTON: Mmmm… they are in the business of making money. If they aren’t making money they are not going to spend money.

METALLIAN: Are you making them money?
BENTON: We are still on the record label!

METALLIAN: How many of the second album did the label sell?
BENTON: Quite a few. I am not really sure. I hope we sell a bunch of the new one.

METALLIAN: What do you think of the Norwegian Satanic organizations that call you commercial, a commercial version of their bands?
BENTON: Well, in one way they have something right, in terms of being ‘commercial.’ We have more chances of reaching more people. That’s true - with our Satanic message. As far as turning people on to that, kids in the US pretty much laugh at that shit. If you cannot understand the message then the message doesn’t make any sense. If the message doesn’t have anything to do with today, then it’s meaningless.

METALLIAN: Is Deicide going to do a video?
BENTON: Probably not. There is no place to show it! We might do something for retail, but I doubt it.

METALLIAN: What do you think of Obituary breaking out? They are becoming a big band.
BENTON: Mmm.. I think things happen. Yeah, I know this band. I know them all.

METALLIAN: You are touring now. Could you speak to what is next?
BENTON: Get this thing done. Go home. Relax. We then go out on a USA tour with Broken Hope on May 12th.

METALLIAN: Anyone else on the line-up?
BENTON: It will be local bands opening up for us.

Once Upon A Cross was issued through Roadrunner Records in April of 1995.

This interview appeared in Japan’s Eat Magazine initially.

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