Deliverance - 1989 - Intense
Weapons Of Our Warfare - 1990 - Intense
What A Joke - 1991 - Intense
Stay Of Execution - 1992 - Intense
Learn - 1992 - Intense
Recorded Live Vol. 1 - 1993 - Intense
River Disturbance - 1994 - Intense
A Decade Of Deliverance - 1994 - Intense
Camelot-In-Smithereens - 1996 - Intense
Live at Cornerstone 2001 - 2001 - Magdalene
Assimilation - 2001 - Indie Dream
As Above, So Below - 2007 - Retroactive
The Annals Of Subterfuge - 2010 - Retroactive
Hear What I Say!, - 2013 - 3 Frogz Records/Roxx

Deliverance image
S= Cauldron Of Puke, Fearful Symmetry>>JIMMY BROWN>>Cauldron Of Puke, Fearful Symmetry
G= Cauldron Of Puke, Fearful Symmetry>>JIMMY BROWN>>Cauldron Of Puke, Fearful Symmetry - Decadence>>Mike Phillips>>Fase Down - Glenn Rogers>> Hirax, Vengeance Rising, Month Of Sundays - Recon>>George Ochoa>>Mortification, Vengeance Rising - Jon Maddux - Decadence, Fase Down>>MIKE PHILLIPS>>Fase Down
B= Wrathchild>>Brian Khairullah>>Vengeance Rising - Recon>>Mike Grato - Manny Morales - Join The Dead>>Tim Kronyak>>Join The Dead - MANNY MORALES
D= Vengeance Rising>>Chris Hyde>>Vengeance Rising - Kevin Lee - Jon Knox - Mike Reed - JAYSON SHERLOCK
K= David Gilbreath

Deliverance is a West Coast USA white metal act that has changed directions slightly with its 2001 record introducing synthesizers, etc. The group had already abandoned its early power metal in 1994. The group disbanded in 2002. Brown spent time in Fearful Symmetry.

White metal band Deliverance commemorated its 25th anniversary in 2010 with a couple of new releases and live shows. A new studio album, The Annals Of Subterfuge, is due later in the year through Retroactive Records. Also upcoming was Temporary Insanity - A Salute To Deliverance, which was a two-CD all-star tribute to Deliverance from Roxx Records, in conjunction with the Christian Metal Realm (CMR). The band itself was contributing a song to the disc alongside The Crucified, Vengeance Rising and others. 3 Frogz Records was issuing a 2013 album by white metal band Deliverance called Hear What I Say! It was delayed by a year.

Deliverance members have gone on to deliver metal in other Christian bands like Vengeance Rising and Mortification.