Everything You Hate - 1996 - Finn Records
Uglier And More Disgusting - 1997 - Kron-H
Home Sweden Hell - 1999 - Kron-H

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Centinex>>JOHAN JANSSON>>Centinex

Interment, Asocial, Fulmination, Centinex, Uncurbed, Sideburners>>JONAS GREN>>Uncurbed, Centinex, Sideburners, World Below, Scar Symmetry - Subdive, Katatonia, Moondark>>MATTIAS DELLAMORTE>>Subdive, Katatonia

Diskonto, Insision, Turabus>>DANIEL DELLAMORTE>>Diskonto, Inision, Iron Lamb

Uncanny>>Kennet Englund>>Centinex, Carnal Forge - Sonny - Uncanny>>KENNET ENGLUND>>Centinex, Carnal Forge

History & Biography
We all know that as per decree by the King, all Swedes have to be active in at least six bands. Yet, Dellamorte took the notion to the extreme. Formed out of the ashes of Interment (whose Johan was once asked to join Dismember), the band changed its moniker, although Moondark was a transition name, and concentrated on composing death metal war chants. The year is now 1993.

1995 brought about the Drunk In The Abyss demo recorded at, no not Sunlight, but Abyss Studio. The demo got the band a deal with Finn Records. The band recorded its Everything You Hate debut in 1996 in only four days. The year after the band signed to Osmose and recorded Uglier & More Disgusting which had the band play support on the World Domination Tour with Enslaved and Dark Tranquillity. After Home Sweet Hell, in 2000, the band left Kron-H/Osmose Production and recorded a demo at Jonas' Black Lounge Studio which became a 7" on Elderberry Records.