Diluvial Sorcery – 2004 - Hammer & Anvil Wreckords

Deluge image
S= Slaughter Thou>>GREGOR PIKL>>Slaughter Thou, Lumen Ad Mortem

G= Matt – Jason Van Den Driesen>>Oni– Sarsekim>>AARON TUCK>>Sarsekim, Ast Voldur, Lumen Ad Mortem - DEMIR

B= Slaughter Thou>>Adam Allen>>Slaughter Thou - Rory

D= Slaughter Thou, Quasar>>BEN SHEEHAN>>Slaughter Thou, Quasar, Raven Black Night, Abstract The Light, Obnubilo

K= Juggermath, Art In Exile>>OZAN GOL>>Art In Exile, Sarsekim, In The Burial, Oath Of Damnation

History & Biography
Adelaide's Deluge was formed in the winter of 1998 and drew influences from both death and black metal. ...Of Plague And Conquest was first a short demo and then the name of a full-length demo in 1999. The group announced the Embracing The Flesh Tour with Psychrist and Encabulos. The band toured with Impaled Nazarene around Australia as part of the Karmageddon Down Under 1999 and reportedly drew this comment from IN's Mika, "You make us guys look like pussies!" The band released a promotional demo in 2001. It was called Mobius Continuum. The sole album featured a keyboardist, which should have interested Mika of Impaled Nazarene! This record was played by mostly a new line-up.

The band’s gothic influences may have been instrumental in the act calling its style, plague metal.