Shadow Cult - 2002 - Sound Riot

Demon Child image
S= DEIMOS>>Bestial Ritual


B= CHARON - DEIMOS>>Bestial Ritual

D= PYROMANIAC [KRISTIAN SALONEN]>>Black Blood, Ancestors Blood, Solo, Kadotus, Obscure Burial

K= EKI HEINONEN>>Ancestors Blood, Akolyytti

History & Biography
Demon Child was given birth by Deimos (guitar, vocals, keyboards) and Pyromaniac (drums) at the turn of the century. Guitarist Charon and bassist Von Darkness were soon added to the line-up.

Soon and after six months a demo was attempted, but never materialized because the band was dissatisfied with the music. E. Heinonen (keyboards) soon joined the fold and Deimos focused on his singing. Von Darkness soon left the band and was even followed by E.Heinonen for a while!

The Finns recorded their first demo Sorrow Cast Upon The Angels at Pop Studio in Loimaa during 14-15 May 2001. In September of 2001 the band signed with Sound Riot Records. E. Heinonen rejoined the band in 2002 and new songs were finished. The band entered Pop Studio again and recorded Shadow Cult in the matter of a week. Mika Jussila at Finnvox Studios mastered the album in September of 2002. Kris Verwimp was working on a new logo for Demon Child in 2002. The band split up.


Demon Child's downfall is its use of keyboards. Past a couple of redundant instrumental interlude and intros, this devilish spawn maintains a respectable speed with sharp guitar sounds, fast drumming and varied, yet always heavy, vocals. The band is obviously influenced by bands like Dissection, Dawn and Emperor. As such, the Finns hardly introduce anything new to the genre. That in itself is fine, because a good record is a good record regardless of circumstance. Furthermore, and truth be told, the synthesizers are not omnipresent. Having said that, Demon Child can assure its ascendancy by complete banishment of the offending instrument on forthcoming efforts. - Ali "The Metallian"


Demon Child