Riders Of The Apocalypse - 2004 - Nuclear Blast

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Excruciate, Liers In Wait, Messiah, Therion>>Christofer Johnsson>>Therion

Therion>>KRISTIAN NIEMANN>>Therion

Evil Masquerade, Therion, Tiamat, The Murder Of My Sweet, Evergrey>>JOHAN NIEMANN>>Therion, Tiamat, The Murder Of My Sweet, Evergrey

Soilwork, Ebony Tears, Dog Faced Gods, Sorcerer, Chimaira, Therion>>RICKARD EVENSAND>>Therion, Soilwork, Chimaira

History & Biography
Demonoid is a side-project initiated by Therion members and brothers Kristian and Johan Niemann in order to play heavy music. After much delay due to the brothers' main band, the project was joined by Therion's leader Johnsson and Soilwork/Chimaira drummer Evensand. The album was recorded in early 2003 and with a contract in hand the album was released in the summer of 2004. Initially the idea was to present the band as a collection of anonymous musicians, but the album was eventually promoted as featuring a number of known musicians. Dark Funeral vocalist Emperor Magus Caligula has replaced Therion's Christofer Johnsson in Demonoid in the autumn of 2007.


Demonoid is an unlikely band. The scene is inhabited by a couple of different variations as far as side-projects go. There are the repetitious clones bent on capturing old glories. Bands like Bloodbath and Murder Squad fall into this category and it is no surprise that the said outfits disappoint for various reasons including a lack of true feeling. Another type of side-project is the offbeat one. Bands like Avantasia or Star One fulfill the members' vision of performing something different and specialized.
Demonoid is a side-project of three members of Therion, and a drummer, and is surprisingly a hell of a strong band with great metal songs. The surprise really is the nature of the members' main band. For Therion is a wimped-out and washed-out band whose members were all written off here at Metallian Towers. The drummer is also busy in a mallcore band with little relevance. Then the members fill their down time by writing and recording an album as good as this. And good it is. Take vocals like those of Satyricon,.solos crossing Deicide and Dokken (not kidding here) and a sharp rhythm a la Pantera only more serious and Demonoid starts to come into focus. The music here is mysteriously fast, fluid and adept. The guitars, in particular, are out of this world. On songs like Witchburners and The Evocation one hears soloing of the highest caliber. Dokken fans will hear much that is familiar. Arrival Of The Horsemen's solo is pure hard rock heaven and then comes in a Pantera-inspired heavy rhythm to augment the track. There are songs like Century Plague which come across as filler and the album is generally instrumentally-oriented despite the anti-religion concept story, but songs like the nine-minute long Death or Wargods make this a speed/death metal album of highest proportions with special appeal to axe fanatics. Riders Of The Apocalypse is aural dynamite. Who knew these guys had it in them? - Ali "The Metallian"