All Hail Pessimism - 2009 - Avantgarde
Kapittel II: Faen I Helvete - 2014 - Agonia

S= Solo, Shining, Skitliv, Bethlehem, Diabolicum>>Niklas Kvarforth>>Solo, Shining, Skitliv, Bethlehem, Diabolicum – Thule, Curse, Midnattsvrede, Fortíð>>EINAR "ELDUR" THORBERG>>Curse, Midnattsvrede, Fortíð
G= Naer Mataron, Nuctemeron>>SYKELIG [MICHAEL SIOUZIOS]>>Nuctemeron – 1349, Pantheon I, Midnattsvrede>>ANDRE KVEBEK>>Pantheon I, Midnattsvrede
B= 1349, Pantheon I, Nidingr, Dead Trooper>>SEIDEMANN [TOR RISDAL STAVENES]>>1349, Pantheon I, Nidingr, Dead Trooper
D= Crest Of Darkness, Urgehal, Vulture Lord, Shining, So Much for Nothing>>Uruz [Jarle Byberg]>>Urgehal, Vulture Lord, Shining, So Much for Nothing - 13 Candles, Pantheon I. Heathen Deity, Curse, Ethereal Forest>>TYBALD [DANIEL THEOBALD]>>Heathen Deity, Curse, Ethereal Forest
K= Framferd, Midnattsvrede, Dødheimsgard>>JORMUNDGAND [OLE TEIGEN]>>Midnattsvrede, Dødheimsgard

Born in 2006, the band issued a demo called Øl, Mørke Og Depresjon in 2008. The band issued a split with Shining in the same year. Next came a full-length. All Hail Pessimism was issued in January of 2009. The band was silent until 2014 when a split with Horna appeared. Norwegian black metal band Den Saakaldte will release its 2014 album, Kapittel II: Faen I Helvete, on May 27th through Agonia Records. Kvebek had joined in 2012. Einar "Eldur" Thorberg was new on vocals.

Initially, the band was the one-man band of Sykelig. The monicker came from a song by Ved Buens Ende. Former singer Kvarforth owns Selbstmord Services. All members are simultaneously involved in half a dozen other acts.



Den Saakaldte