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First Depression - 1992 - GUN
Lying In Wait - 1993 - GUN
Symbols For The Blue Times - 1994 - GUN
Electric Scum - 1996 - GUN

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G= Blackout>>JOCHEN KLEMP - Ingo Grigoleit

B= Blackout>>Tim Schallenberg>>Alaska

D= Tanzwut, Corvus Corax, BerlinskiBeat>>Norbert Drescher>>Tanzwut, Corvus Corax, BerlinskiBeat

History & Biography
Depressive Age's story began when the members fled the former East Germany for the West. The attempt was not successful for Lubitzki who spent a year in jail and could only then join his band-mates. Depressive Age recorded a demo entitled Beyond Illusions in 1990 containing five songs. The same year brought The New Demo. The group toured with Sodom as its first full run in 1992. With the departure of Grigoleit in 1995 (who left to pursue a film career) from the fold, the thrash band changed its sound and monicker. Tim Schallenberg died in 2017.

Jolly Rogers Records was issuing a number of vinyl re-releases through its BlackBeard imprint in 2020. The first three Depressive Age records were coming that year.

Inevitably, the band reformed in 2022. Mario Prause (Solar Flares) was on bass. René Jauernik (Flaming Anger) was on drums as of 2023. Marcus Marth was the additional guitarist and Peter Brutus was the second singer. The band was booked to play Wacken and Alcatraz Metal Festival in 2023. The group was also booked for 70000Tons Of Metal 2024.



Depressive Age