A Bleak Reflection – 2010 – Kolony
The Emptiness Within – 2012 - Kolony
Kingdom Of The Blind – 2015 - Wicker Man

De Profundis image
S= Malignant Saviour>>CRAIG LAND
G= Roman Subbotin – Empyreal Destroyer>>SOIKOT SENGUPTA>>Empyreal Destroyer - Carpathia, Phyrexia, Formicarius, Empyreal Destroyer>>PAUL NAZARKARDEH>>Empyreal Destroyer
B= Seven7, Splintered Soul>>ARRAN MCSPORRAN>>Seven7, Splintered Soul
D= Neon Fly>>Nick Tingle>>Phyrexia, Verloren - Carpathia, Phyrexia, Maw>>TOM ATHERTON

London, UK-based De Profundis was formed in 2005. The group’s name was inspired by an Abruptum EP’s title from the year 2000. A release from Dark Funeral also contained the phrase in its name. The band has become less doomy overtime.

The band lost four drummers between 2005 and 2007. Paul Westwood of Rogue Male was an early drummer. The Beyond Redemption demo came out in 2007. The group signed to Kolony Records in 2006. The Emptiness Within, the new album from U.K.’s De Profundis was out through Kolony Records in mid-2012. Now signed to Wicker Man Recordings, De Profundis was releasing a 2015 album called Kingdom Of The Blind. As of 2014, Tom Atherton drummed for the band. De Profundis was to co-headline a UK tour with Egyptian death metal band Scarab in the summer of 2016. Dubbed the Kingdom Of Serpents tour, the five-date trek was to see the two metal bands also take part in something called the Warhorns Festival. De Profundis signed a worldwide deal with the India-based Transcending Obscurity Records in late 2017. A record was already in the bag and was to be released shortly.



De Profundis