La Vie En Rose - 1989 - Danger Crue
Basilisk – 1990 – Ariola
Moon And The Memories - The Eternities / Last Live I – 1991 – Ariola
Moon And The Memories - The Eternities / Last Live II – 1991 -Ariola
Lazzaro – 2007 – Cutting Edge/Avex
The Price Of Being A Rose Is Loneliness – 2008 – Cutting Edge
D'Erlanger – 2009 - Cutting Edge
A Fabulous Thing In Rose – 2010 – Cutting Edge
Deep Inside Of You – 2011 – Cutting Edge
#Sixx – 2013 – Warner
#Sixx Discordantly – 2013 – Warner
Spectacular Nite - 狂おしい夜について – 2015 - Warner
J'aime La Vie – 2017 – Warner
Reunion 10th Anniversary Live 2017-2018 – 2018 – Warner
Roneve – 2019 - Warner

D'Erlanger image
Dizzy [Fukui Yoshifumi]>>Strawberry Fields, Vinyl – CIPHER [ICHIRŌ TAKIGAWA] - Yokosuka Saver Tiger, Die In Cries, Solo, Bug>>KYO>>Yokosuka Saver Tiger, Die In Cries, Solo, Bug

Body, Craze>>CIPHER [ICHIRŌ TAKIGAWA]>>Body, Craze

Vinyl, Fix, Atomic Zaza, No Stars Innovation>>SEELA [NAKAO TOMOHIRO]>>Vinyl, Fix, Atomic Zaza, No Stars Innovation

Shido [Uno Tadasi] – Yokosuka Saver Tiger, Mephistopheles, Zi:Kill, Body>>TETSU KIKUCHI>>Yokosuka Saver Tiger, Zi:Kill, Body

History & Biography
D’Erlanger is one of the earlier bands mixing metal and a ‘visual kei’ style alongside the likes of Dead End. This Kyoto/Osaka-based band was founded by fifteen-year-old guitarist Cipher and bassist Seela in December 1983, disbanded like most Japanese metal bands in the ‘90s (in this case in 1990) and returned in tandem with others (in this case in 2007). The members were school-mates. The band’s later incarnations were a different beauty and much more poppy or goth.

Early girl singer Miyahira Kaoru left in 1984. She was in Mell-Rose later. Guitarist Cipher took over the vocals. Tonight was a 1984 demo. Blue was issued in 1985. A self-titled demo came in 1985 and “Special Present” came in 1986.

The band was part of a battle of the band’s called The New Power Metal at Meguro, Tokyo’s Rockmaykan and contributed the song to the sponsor label Mandrake Root’s (Jill’s Project, Terra Rosa, etc.) Hungry Days compilation and issued the Girl single through the same label. This turned out to be a turning point as the band became pop/rock next. Drummer Shi-do left. Kyoto-native drummer Tetsu (like Cipher an occasional roadie for 44 Magnum) joined in October 1987. Sadistic Emotion was a 1987 cassette promo before the band signed with Danger Crue Records (44 Magnum, etc.) out of Tokyo. Singer Kyo joined at this stage, more specifically July 1988. He was billed as a guest singer and was in Saver Tiger with Tetsu too. His first show was on July 22nd at Bourbon House in Osaka. The Sadistical Punk Tour went up and down Japan for six shows in 1988. The band was opening for label-mates Reaction. The band’s debut album, La Vie En Rose, was issued on February 10th 1989 and the band played at the Borubon House on April 1. The Sadistical Punk tour II was 12 dates and took place in the summer. An Aphrodisiac video arrived in 1989. A Tour called Incarnation Of Eroticism took place in October of 1989. A 1990 video was called Kid's Blue Pyx '90 SPR. The group appeared on Fuji TV’s Yoru No Hit Studio R & N program in March 1990. The band was on BMG/Ariola beginning its sophomore album. Such was the debut’s success. The Moon And The Memories albums were recorded at Hibiya Yaon concert hall in Tokyo in October of 1990. These albums were issued in conjunction with the Moon And The Memories - The Eternities/Last video, which signalled the band’s disbandment. The Moon And The Memories tour comprised of fifteen concerts in Japan. The live records appeared in 1991, but the band had broken up in December of 1990. No reason was ever offered for the dissolution of this successful band. Some said that Kyo was unhappy with his ‘guest’ status. Others reported Kyo suffered from alcoholism. Other media reported that the band and their label were at odds. La Vie En Rose was also re-issued with a different cover by Ariola in 1991.

The band’s return was in conjunction with the Lazzaro album on the Cutting Edge label. The band also had a compilation called Pandora through Cutting Edge, which contained a CD and a DVD, in 2007. Amazingly, all four earlier members were part of the line-up again. D’Erlanger was offered the chance to play a show in Taiwan and South Korea in July 2009. The band announced a Concert in Moscow, Russia for April 2011, but when the earthquake and tsunami of 2011 hit and the band cancelled its appearance. Deep Inside Of You was a live album and separately a live video. The group returned to Taiwan in 2012. #Sixx Discordantly is also a live album. The band was conducting the Agito tour in 2021, but postponed it as Kyo required surgery for a lung tumor.

D’Erlanger often uses the imagery of a crucifix and has an affinity for roses. The band’s fan club is called Kids Blue and offers the occasional exclusive release. The band announced its dissolution through a Christmas card to its fan club first in 1990. The band also plays concerts called Abstinence's Door.

The band reports that ‘D’Erlanger’ means ‘"Indecent Temptation" in French. However, ‘erlanger’ means ‘change’ in French.