Implicit Obedience – 2012 – Willowtip
Orphic Signs – 2014 - Willowtip
Anathema – 2019 – Willowtip


S= Shogo Tokita>>Hemorrhoid Carnage - YUJIRO SUZUKI
G= Shogo Tokito>>Hemorrhoid Carnage - Keisuke Takagi - YUJIRO SUZUKI
B= Toshihiro Inagaki>>Defiled - Bassaium, Wargasmatron>>DAISUKE ICHIBOSHI
D= Abuse>>YUICHI KUDO>>Abuse


This Tokyo-based death metal band was founded in 2007. The group began playing shows in the summer of 2008. The band toured the Philippines in 2009. The group also played with Exodus and Dying Fetus in China at the Painkiller Metal Festival. The group recorded its debut in 2010 and had it mixed and mastered by Erik Rutan before signing with Willowtip. The debut album was out in 2012. The band toured with Aborted in 2013. The group collaborated on the soundtrack for the PS4 game Let it Die and hit Mongolia. Desecravity’s Anathema was out through Willowtip Records on 25th of January 2019. The record was mixed and mastered at Unisound Studio by Dan Swanö.