Desolation Angels - 1985 - Thameside
While The Flame Still Burns - 1990 – Feel Metal
King – 2018 - Dissonance
Burning Black – 2022 - Skol

Desolation Angels image
Roadrunner>>Dave Wall – Midas, Midnight Messiah>>PAUL TAYLOR>>Midnight Messiah

KEITH SHARP – Blackwater Fever>>Robin Brancher>>DA – Empire, Steve Grimmett>>RICHIE YEATES

Dave Scutt – First Hand, Lynx, Winter, B-Side, The Mochines, Lip Service>>CLIVE PEARSON

Adam Palfrey – Gallow God, Dea Marica>>CHRIS TAKKA>>Gallow God

History & Biography
Formed in 1981 out of the ashes of Blackwater Fever the band hailed from London, England but moved to the USA in 1987 for a while. The band practised pure heavy metal. 1982 brought the debut single, Valhalla/Boadicea, which lead to a contract with Bullit Records. Palfrey left the band before the debut's release. The band planned on re-recording its sophomore with singer Lee Addison the band split up in 1994. The band reformed in 2012. Desolation Angels’ King album was re-released with revised cover art and distributed worldwide through Dissonance Productions in 2018. It was a 2017 demo.

Desolation Angels had a new album in 2022. Burning Black was released by Skol Records of Poland. Second guitarist Richie Yeates (Steve Grimmett) had joined in 2021. The band played at Mearfest Flame in 2023. The band closed 2023 with an appearance at Heavy Metal Maniacs festival with Nasty Savage., Omen and Avenger in The Netherlands.

Desolation Angels was a novel and, in turn, an album’s name from Bad Company and a leggy movie. The last one followed the band’s formation.



Desolation Angels