History Of Hate - 1989 - Century Media
Decay Of Humanity - 1990 - Century Media
Beyond All Reason - 1992 - Century Media

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Robert Kampf - Apostasy>>Andreas Henschel

Voodoo Cult, Grip, Grip Inc., Eyes Of Eden, Therion, Enemy of The Sun>>WALDEMAR SORYCHTEA>>Voodoo Cult, Grip, Grip Inc., Eyes Of Eden, Therion, Enemy of The Sun, Mandrah - Marek Grzeszek

Klaus Pochura>>Dark Millennium

Morgoth, Voodoo Cult, Flaming Anger, Everflow, Sodom, Rotting Christ>>MARKUS FREIWALD>>Morgoth, Voodoo Cult, Flaming Anger, Everflow, Sodom, Rotting Christ

History & Biography
Despair was an above average techno-thrash band which received much praise for its debut. Kampf left the band to focus on his fledgling record company Century Media. Sorychta became a well-known German producer and joined Grip Inc. The band never quite matched the class of the debut.

The band, including guitarist Waldemar Sorychta and Century Media Records' Robert Kampf and Markus "Makka" Freiwald, reformed in late 2004 and began composing a record which was due in 2005.

Producer Waldemar Sorychta of Grip Inc. and Despair fame was joining Therion for live work in the summer of 2010. Bassist Nalley Påhlsson was sitting out the band’s tour to baby-sit, study and not be exposed to alcohol as he lacked the discipline to know when enough is enough.

Freiwald played for Morgoth for about two weeks live as that band’s drummer sorted out his life following the death of the father of the latter man in 1997.The favour was returned in 2017 when producer Waldemar Sorychta reformed Despair. Morgoth’s former singer Marc Grewe was in the line-up now, as was original drummer Markus “Makka” Freiwald and Marius Ickert on bass.