Destrose – 2013 – Flying Cat

Destrose image
Marina [Hebiishi Marina]>>Mardelas

Noah’s Ark>>NARUMI [SUZUKI NARUMI]>>Disqualia, Solo, Aldious, Lonesome_Blue – Arch Roses, Animeta Girl>>MINA [NAKAMURA MINAKO]>>Arch Roses, Animeta Girl, Fate Gear

MIHO [ROSANA MIHO]>>Estrella, Lovebites, Moth In Lilac, Coma Countess, Down Dope Squad, Maki Oyama, Chaos Control

Haruna [Yosai Haruna]>>Lovebites

History & Biography
This Japanese all-female band was formed by guitarist Mina as Destroya in December 2005 with an emphasis on fantasy and thematic imagery. 1990s’ bands like Aphasia aside, they were the forerunners of the Girls Metal Band Boom. Destrose was not a huge commercial seller, but promoted and seeded the scene certainly.

The group transitioned from a leather-bound image to a more feminine and frilly attire. The band initially played covers of Metallica, Show-Ya and others. The covers band’s monicker changed from the Kiss-influenced to something more feminine in early 2007 and ‘rose of destruction’ issued its first and second demos in 2007 before launching no less than three DVDs in 2009. The first concert was in March 2007. The group also appeared with Takasaki Akira at a musical instrument convention in Yokohama. The band was heard on the Samurai Metal Vol. 4 compilation in late 2008, which is ironic because only men could be samurai. Singer Eye departed to Ran with Rie a.k.a. Suzaku in 2008. Actually, four-fifth of the members decamped to Mary’s Blood leaving founder Mina in 2008. Part of this exodus was guitarist Eri, who had been with the act for a year, and drummer Mari who had thrashed in Vice before. The Live At Red Zone DVD appeared independently in 2010. Red Zone is a central Tokyo club. The group also opened for the cover band The Iron Maidens in 2010. Singer Akane fronted the band between 2010 and 2011 before being displaced by Nene in 2011. Nene is a fortune-teller and offered her services to fans at concerts. More singles, EPs and videos followed. They would chart too. The band initiated a short-lived tradition of celebrating birthdays through Destrose Presents Mina & Miho Double Birthday Live!

The group issued a self-titled full-length in 2013 through Flying Cat Records. The disc landed in the Japanese charts. The album was preceded by the singles Fenixx – To Revive – which featured versions with vocals and without and Nostphilia. The band toured Japan. The group appeared at Show-Ya’s Naon No Yaonperennial show . A flight to Oklahoma gave the band its USA debut. In 2013, the band was participating at the Tokyo In Tulsa Japanese Pop Culture Convention. The band returned to the USA to perform at Naka-Kon anime convention in 2014. Marina left and founded Mardelas. Lisa/里彩 took her place. She lasted only one year and until 2015. Ibuki took her place. The group disbanded when Mina reported health problems in 2015, which is standard in Japan for disbandment, but Destrose continued to be the fountainhead for many a Japanese rock/metal group. Mina founded Fate Gear. Narumi filled in with Aldious in 2019. Lovebites used an unreleased Destrose song on its debut. A band anthology called Chronicles was issued in 2021. Billed as ~The Complete Flyingcat Recordings~ it featured the singles and full-length on the label, as well a DVD with the band’s 2013 concert in Tokyo, a documentary of the band in USA and multiple video clips.