Rotting In Hell - 1993 - JL America
The Senectuous Entrance - 1996 - Pulverizer

Deteriorate image
S= Mike Trush – Hazarax, Cemetery Earth>>Gannon [Jack Gannon]>>Goreaphobia, Black Albatross, T.O.M.B., Shadows

G= Joe Gorski – Anathema>>Frank Lerovante

B= Mike Trush - Existence, Random Draw, Paraplegic, Life, Paleface, Treading On Divine>>THOROUS [JOHN BOSMAN]>>Treading On Divine

D= Anathema>>Rich Yurgevich - Dark Woods [Chris Woods]

History & Biography
Deteriorate was initially influenced by Deicide and Obituary when founded by Gorski and Lerovante in June of 1991. This sound is demonstrated on a self-titled demo. The second album is the result of two recording sessions: 1994's Gather The Nebbish demo and five new tracks recorded in 1995. The latter songs see the Pennsylvania band moving into a black metal direction. This new direction was initiated by Gannon and Thorous.

In 2002 the band reported that it is rehearsing for an upcoming full-length album tentatively entitled ThyOnlyGod. At this point the line-up was comprised of Thorous and Mike Trush.