Cerebral Concussion>>DEVILYN - POLAND

Anger - 1996 - Massive/Listenable
Reborn In Pain - 1998 - Listenable
Artefact - 2001 - Blackend
11 - 2005 - Conquer

Devilyn image
S= Dies Irae, Behemoth, Enter Chaos>>Novy>>Dies Irae, Behemoth, Enter Chaos - Whichheaven>>MICHAL>>Whichheaven
G= Piotr - Enter Chaos,>>BONY [Lukasz Lubon]>>Enter Chaos - Spinal Cord>>Dino [Krystian Wojdas]>>Spinal Cord - Whichheaven>>ERIAN>>Whichheaven
B= Dies Irae, Behemoth, Enter Chaos>>Novy [Marcin Nowak]>>Dies Irae, Behemoth, Enter Chaos, Vader, Spinal Cord, Virgin Snatch, Road’s End - Pyorrhoea, Hate>>Cyprian>>Pyorrhoea, Hate
D= Kuba>>Lux Occulta - Spinal Cord, Hell-born>>Basti>>Spinal Cord, Hell-Born - DOMIN

These Polish death metallers issued a 1994 demo called Cerebral Concussion/The Rule. After two albums on Listenable, the band released a promo tape 2000 and moved on.

The band has toured around Europe with Cannibal Corpse and Pandemia among others. After releasing Artefact, Devilyn did a Polish tour and an European tour. Following the live activities Novy departed to concentrate on Behemoth. He was followed by Basti and Dino who also preferred to concentrate on their own band. Nevertheless a compilation of sorts was released in 2003 called The Past Against The Future.

Devilyn entered the studio on the 14th of October, 2004 in order to record its newest album. Entitled 11, it was recorded at Bialystok studio in Hertz. Bassist Cyprian was removed from the band in April, 2005. The man apparently did not apply himself to the band.