The Dawn Of Dying - 2002 - Drakkar
The Legend And The Truth - 2006 - AFM
An Eye For An Eye – 2008 – AFM
Dead Man’s Hand – 2012 – Drakkar
Call Of The Wild – 2017 - Drakkar

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Tom Angelripper, Sodom>>Tom Angelripper>>Tom Angelripper, Sodom - Jail, Tom Angelripper>>ALEX KRAFT>>Tom Angelripper

Jail, Tom Angelripper>>ALEX KRAFT>>Tom Angelripper - Pink Cream 69>>Dennis Ward>>Pink Cream 69 – Nils Stuerzer

Volker Liebig - Alex Weigand

Onkel tom Angelripper>>Olli Lampertsdörfer - Tyrant Eyes, Tom Angelripper>>Sascha Tilger>>Tyrant Eyes, Tom Angelripper – Blind Wizzard, The Warning, Dog Track, Minotaurus, Pump>>Markus Kullmann>>Voodoo Circle, Hartmann, Sinner – Rose’N>>Jochen Rautenstrauch>>Rose’N

Roland Grapow, Rough Silk, Axel Rudi Pell>>Ferdy Doernberg

History & Biography
Heidelberg’s Desperados was formed in 2000 by Alex Kraft of Tom Angelripper as a vehicle to mix hard rock with Western music and influences. The band had to change its name to the uncomfortable Dezperadoz by album number two six years later. The record featured several guest appearances, like Tobias Sammet of Edguy and Michael Weikath of Helloween, and had the band on the road at Wacken and touring with Krokus. The line-up had been revamped. The group appeared at Mannried Open Air in 2020. The band played in Switzerland in 2020.


Dezperadoz (formerly Desperados) is a German band whose shtick is o combine Western music and folklore with heavy metal. What a bad idea. The band’s name, the members (a couple of guys from Tom Angelripper and Pink Cream 69 on this album), the concept story of Wyatt Earp and titles like, what else, Earp’s Vendetta, Hellbilly Square and OK Corral are silly and boring. Guys, why don’t you work retail if you could use some extra cash? Who needs a bunch of theoretical metal musicians to dress up as cowboys and play a cover of Frankie Laine’s Rawhide? Shame on AFM too for signing this when hundreds of legitimate unsigned bands work on their music to no avail. It might be that I never developed a taste for a bunch of freaks whose life was based on killing, raping and environmental degradation, but this band’s music is surely not helping. The scene is so saturated that things are getting past silly. - Anna Tergel