Misanthropic Orchestra>>DIABOLICAL - SWEDEN

Synergy - 2000 - Scarlet
A Thousand Deaths - 2002 - Scarlet
The Gallery Of Bleeding Art - 2008 - ViciSolum
Ars Vitae - 2011 - Abyss
Neogenesis - 2013 - Abyss
Eclipse – 2019 - Indie

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Setherial, Sorghegard, Divine Codex>>Magnus Ödling>>Setherial, Sorghegard, Divine Codex, Cerecloth – Demonical>>SVERKER "WIDDA" WIDGREN>>Demonical

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History & Biography
Diabolical was formed at the tail-end of 1996 under the initial moniker of Misanthropic Orchestra by Vidar W. A formative line-up appeared on the Voices Of Death sampler, before changing monikers and the line-up.

The new name band entered the studio in late 1998 in order to cut tracks for a split-EP with Blazing Skies. Singer Agilma, Vidar W. and L. Soderberg comprised the band at this point. The band recorded a Metallica cover version for the sampler Metal Militia 3 (slated for 1998 appeared in 2001), issued The Dreaming Dead demo, which featured a new singer called M. Ödling.

It was the MCD Deserts Of Desolation (actually The Dreaming Dead demo and later repressed by Cadla Communications) that garnered the band a deal with Scarlet Records. The band entered Studio Underground to record its debut. Soon thereafter Jonas Berndt of Mork Gryning joined the band on bass. The band finally climbed the stage in the summer of 2001 some five years after first forming!

With the release of A Thousand Deaths the band toured with Amon Amarth, Vomitory and others. The shows debuted new live bassist Roger Bergsten. Diabolical announced the addition of drummer C. Stjärnlöf who replaced Henric Ohlsson in early 2003. The latter will be concentrating on Theory In Practice. Demonical added singer Sverker "Widda" Widgren of Diabolical who was also and the co-owner of Necromorbus Studios. The group signed a three-album deal with ViciSolum Productions. The group's new album, The Gallery Of Bleeding Art, was out in December of 2008 and followed its predecessor by six years. Swedish death metal band Diabolical next signed with Abyss Records for the worldwide release of its full-length album, Ars Vitae, which is due out in February of 2011. Ars Vitae contained 17 tracks and featured a mix of new material - recorded at Necromorbus Studios - and previously unreleased recordings. Dan Darforth was on bass. Diabolical announced a tour of Russia in support of its new album, Ars Vitae. The Americans would be supported by Drauggard. Diabolical celebrated its 15 years of existence by playing several European dates in September of 2011. Each date featured different local support bands. In the summer of 2012, Diabolical was at Necromorbus Studio in Alvik, Sweden to record its fifth album, Neogenesis. The album was being produced by the band's Sverker Widgren. Septicflesh, Xaon, Krisiun and Diabolical were touring Europe in March 2019. Pär Johansson left in 2019.


At first listen, Swedish band Diabolical is an intense deathrash band. The speed is punishing and the vocalist is pretty sinister. This metallic attitude should make for a great band. Yet the more one listens to Diabolical, the more one hears the band's overt Hypocrisy influences. The music, and especially the singer, come across as Hypocrisy clones - with a little contribution from Kreator - and temper the mood. The production too does not favour the band. Sure, it's recorded at Studio 'Underground,' but the final result gives little range to either the guitars or the vocals. The moniker itself is rather mundane at this stage. There already are bands with names like Diabolic, Diabolical Masquerade, Diabolicum and even Diabolique. Then there is the standard-issue and red-coloured Joe Petango cover art and the initial euphoria is certainly beaten down. Still, kudos to the band for being fast and furious and, at the very least, not delivering a soft album - Ali "The Metallian"