XX's Decline - 2001 - Great White North

Diachronia image
S= Gilotyna>>Boris [Borys Stamatow]>>Gilotyna, C-4, Unipolar Manic-Depressive Psychosis, Hellwaffe

G= MidnightDate>>NORBERT KOBYNIEWICZ>>MidnightDate, Gilotyna

B= Bastard>>Szatanik [Łukasz Szatanik]

D= Phobos

K= Marghot [Małgorzata Radomska]

History & Biography
Diachronia was formed in 1992 by Norbert 'Lubomir' and recorded the Hymns Of Fate demo in 1997 in the Czech Republic. The band signed to Milenium Records in 1998 with the first release slated as the re-release of the demo. That contract was soon terminated and the band signed to GWN after independently recording its album. The band is compared to Emperor. Absolute Time was a 2006 demo. Chaos Eternal was a 2008 demo. Konik was on guitar and Danny Ledesma was on piano. The act disbanded officially in 2012. By this time the act had removed itself to Poland. A couple of members reported becoming involved in Dying Vision.