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History & Biography
Legendary Iron Maiden frontman Paul Di'Anno has forever left his mark on the world of metal by singing on classic Maiden albums Iron Maiden, Killers and Maiden Japan. After leaving Iron Maiden (ostensibly not liking the touring aspect of things), Di'Anno fronted projects like Shanghai Tyger and Lone Wolf before releasing a solo album. He is helped by various members on the different albums he has released as Di'Anno and engages himself in many projects. A video by the name of Love At The Palace was released in Europe late 1984 as well. Paul Di Anno was forced to cancel his North American summer tour for 2000 following a refusal by US customs to allow him into that country. The man was apparently wanted by the British authorities.

Due to health issues, including knee problems, which would require surgery, Paul Di'Anno announced that he would stop touring in 2013. A farewell tour was being planned. After announcing his retirement from the music business former singer Paul Di'Anno announced he was instead recording a new album with a new band called Architects Of Chaoz in 2014. In the spring of 2016, Paul Di'Anno performed at a NWOBHM symposium in Tokai, Japan sitting on a wheelchair. The singer blamed osteoporosis and a lack of ligament for his condition. He was due for a surgery following years of pain. Paul Di'Anno, who had recently been wheelchair-bound, was hospitalized for an unnamed medical issue, thus leading to the cancellation of the June 2016 tour of Brazil. Paul Di’Anno’s Phantoms Of The Opera had a live recording from 2008 called Hell Over Waltrop - Live In Germany released in 2019. The man was operated on in 2022 in Croatia where he also gave a free ‘thank-you’ concert to fans with an impromptu project called Warhorse. A DVD single was also issued.

Following thirty years of not meeting one another and Steve Harris and Paul Di’Anno reuniting in Croatia before a concert, the band agreed to fund the remaining expenses for its former singer who was undergoing knee surgeries. Paul Di'Anno and guitarist Gus G. (ex-Ozzy Osbourne) were to play songs from Iron Maiden’s first two albums, 1980’s Iron Maiden and 1981’s Killers, in Greece in December 2022. The concerts were to take place in Athens and Thessaloniki on December 14th and 15th. Di’Anno was on a tour of South America in the winter of 2023. The Beast Resurrection Tour had Noturnall and Electric Gypsy opening. The singer was undergoing physiotherapy following a leg surgery. The man appeared at the Keep It True Rising II festival in Germany in October and was working on a Warhorse album for BraveWords Records. There was a documentary on the man in the works. Paul Di'Anno postponed his Brazilian tour dates in late 2023 and instead opted to reschedule for a time when he can walk again. He did tour Australia on a wheelchair to begin 2024 however. Brazil-based Noturnall was opening and at least one report spoke of a negative experience for all involved. Brazilian concerts for early 2024 postponed, and later attributed to a bad flu virus, and the man released a Warhorse EP (now billed as Paul Di'Anno's Warhorse) to be followed by a full-length. The man's treatments continued. Paul Di'Anno and Airforce were performing at Bogota, Colombia's Movistar Arena on August 3rd 2024, which was the same night Iron Maiden was to perform at the nearby El Campin Stadium. Di'Anno had also announced the traditional "final" tour. This was qualified as a final tour playing a full set of Iron Maiden songs at smaller venues as other tours and concerts at larger halls accommodating the man's wheelchair, etc. would be considered.