Torture Test - 2001 - SPV
Evolve – 2020 - Metalville

Diesel Machine image
S= World In Pain>>A.J. CAVALIER

G= Halford>>PATRICK LACHMAN>>Halford

B= Recipients Of Death, Devilution>>RICH GONZALES

D= MSG, Uli Jon Roth, Cosmosquad, Solo>>SHANE GALAAS>>Cosmosquad, Solo

History & Biography
Originally known as Diesel, the band was born in 1996 by Lachman in Los Angeles. The band records two demos before appearing on a Metallica cover CD and self-recording its debut CD. The CD receives a release in Japan by Victor and SPV for the rest of the world. The band members are all experienced session musicians.

The band returned in 2019. Metalville Records would issue an album called Evolve in August 2020 delayed from the autumn of 2019.


I can already see these four Neanderthals on stage. Bouncing up and down, adorned with multiple standard issue ear, nose and penis rings and major label baggy pants playing 500 staccato riffs in front of a bunch of closet MTV 'fans'. It's a sorry picture, but talk is of Pantera/Machine Head/bounce rock here not metal. These muthafukkas are already 5 years too late with their tougher-than-thou play by the numbers; with this style of bouncing hardcore having already come and gone with nary a survivor - five year old hand me down bermudas excepted. The only surprise is the presence of present and former members of MSG, Uli Jon Roth, Yngwie Malmsteen and Rob Halford here. Talk about the fifth column! Whatever the affiliation, I can already see these guys cloth in hand at the local car wash in the near future - God knows they are already wearing the uniforms. Torture Test is as real and convincing as George Bush's environmental plan. - Ali "The Metallian"


Diesel Machine