Ripping Corpse>>DIM MAK - USA

Enter The Dragon - 1999 - Dies Irae
Intercepting Fist - 2002 - Dies Irae/Olympic
Knives Of Ice – 2006 - Willowtip
The Emergence Of Reptilian Altars – 2011 - Willowtip

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Scott Ruth

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History & Biography
Dim Mak is USA thrashers Ripping Corpse reformed, back under a new moniker and featuring former Torture Krypt bassist Carroll. Calling its music Cobra Core the gang signed to Dies Irae Records of Singapore and got licensed for North America by Olympic Recordings. Ironically, former Ripping Corpse and Morbid Angel guitarist Erik Rutan produced Intercepting Fist. Mighty Music licensed the album for Europe. The group, featuring drummer John Longstreth (formerly of Origin), release a third album called Knives Of Ice on April 25th, 2006 through Willowtip Records. The band is named after an ancient Chinese martial art technique which translated means the 'death touch.' Kelly joined his old Ripping Corpse colleague in Hate Eternal as of the summer of 2007.

Dim Mak was working on a new album, Emergence Of Reptilian Altar. The album was expected in late 2011.


Dim Mak, named after the ancient art of death touch, couldn't have picked a better name. With a touch of death metal, these veterans (three former Ripping Corpse and one former Torture Krypt bassist) have now released their second full length and have managed to remain true to their identity and past. Taking a closer look, singer Scott Ruth's barking vocals get tiring after repeated listens. There are screeching backing vocals spread through the album which break up the monotony slightly. The guitars maintain a tight rhythm and the music alternates between mid and fast-paced. The limited number of leads is surprising given how good they are the couple of times they do come out of slumber like on Komodo Whip. Oh yes, the songs have thematic names like Phoenix Eye Fist, Tai Pan Snake Venom and Climbing Knife Mountain. Eric Rutan's production (himself ripping corpses in an earlier life) while adequate forgets the bass and sounds slightly hollow. Perhaps the bassist stayed home, who knows? Dim Mak's new album will appeal to fans of early nineties death/thrash (Ripping Corpse obviously, Loudblast, Aggressor, etc.) and anyone into the dim mak which not only inspires the band moniker, but also the album and song titles. Crouching death metaller, hidden thrasher!


Dim Mak