Dirty Looks - 1985 - Axekiller
I Want More - 1986 - Storm
In Your Face - 1987 - Mirror
Cool from The Wire - 1988 - Atlantic
Turn Of The Screw - 1989 - Atlantic
Bootlegs - 1991 - Shrapnel
Five Easy Pieces - 1992 - Rockworld
Chewing On The Bit - 1994 - Rockworld
One Bad Leg - 1995 - MFN
Slave To The Machine - 1996 - BH
Gasoline - 2007 - CDBABY
California Free Ride - 2008 - Perris

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Rumbledog, Burning Orange>>HENRIK OSTERGAARD>>Rumbledog, Burning Orange

Rumbledog, Burning Orange>>HENRIK OSTERGAARD>>Rumbledog, Burning Orange - Oasis, Solo, Dangeous Toys, Rumbledog, 20 lb. Buzz, Broken Teeth>>Paul Lidel>>Solo, Dangeous Toys, Rumbledog, 20 lb. Buzz, Broken Teeth - ERIC BREWER

Brian Perry>>Bubble, Lizzy Borden, Jake E. Lee, Flood, Prong - Jack Pyres>>Well Of Souls - Keith Barrows - Well Of Souls>>Jack Pyres

Jim Harris>>Rumbledog, Holy Mother - Gene Barnett>>Lillian Axe - Cary Devore - Charlie George - ED COLLINS

History & Biography
Founded by Danish singer/guitarist Ostergaard, Dirty Looks sounded much like AC/DC. The band was from Pennsylvania, moved to California and eventually returned to Pennsylvania. Cool From The Wire was the band's best-selling record and even charted in the USA.

At one point in 1988-89 DL included guitarist Chris Caffery. Rumble Dog is Ostergaard's band which also had appearances by several other Dirty Looks' members. Gene Barnett left to Lillian Axe in 1990.

The band reformed in 2007 and announced it will issue a new album called Gasoline through CDbaby in November. Henrik, Paul and Jack were in the band. The group quickly signed to Perris Records. The band’s California Free Ride (working title: Perfect Ending) was out in October, 2008 through Perris Records. The newcomer of the album was guitarist Eric Brewer. Perris Records reissued Slave To The Machine in 2009. This version featured two unreleased live tracks Everythings Gonna Be Alright and Let There Be Rock, which were recorded at Warner Theatre in Erie, PA. Dirty Looks issued a compilation called The Worst Of Dirty Looks through Sticky Records in 2009. It featured over 20 songs from the band’s early days. Dirty Looks’ Dirty Looks, I Want More and In Your Face albums were being reissued by FnA Records. The Worst Of Dirty Looks compilation was also recently issued. Dirty Looks’ new bassist, Gregory Pianka, was killed in a bar stabbing on February 5th, 2010 in the US. The band was working on its next album, I.C.U.

Dirty Looks’ singer and founder Henrik Ostergaard died of "natural causes" at 9:18 a.m. on January 27th of 2011. He was 47.



Dirty Looks