Chronic Corpora Infest - 1997 - American Line
Forensick - 2000 - Repulse
NecrHolocaust - 2003 - Xtreem
Live Germany - 2006 - Obliteration
Gore Blessed To The Worms - 2006 - Xtreem

Disgorge image
Demonized, Ravager>>Antimo Buonnano>>Demonized, Ravager, Hacavitz, Castleumbra, Skid Raid, Reverence To Paroxysm - Putrefact, Raped God 666>>EDGAR GARCIA>>Putrefact, Raped God 666

Souls Crematorium, Putrefact, Black Torment, Raped God 666, Hacavitz, SOVS, Impiety, Morbosidad, Black hate, Funereal Moon, Transmetal>>PYOSISIFIED AXE GRINDER [EDGAR GARCIA]>>Putrefact, Black Torment, Raped God 666, Hacavitz, Impiety, Morbosidad, Black Hate, Funereal Moon, Transmetal, SOVS - Xastur, Rapture, Xiuhtecuhtli, Death's Forsaken>>MARKHO KIM>>Xiuhtecuhtli, Death's Forsaken

Demonized, Blood Reaping, Profanator>>Antimo Buonnano>>Demonized, Blood Reaping, Profanator, Hacavitz, Impiety, Warfield, Hell Execution, Castleumbra, Shit, Marasmatics, Skid Raid, Reverence To Paroxysm

Souls Crematorium>>Guillermo Garfias - Domain, Demonized, Ravager, Hacavitz, Impiety, Morbosidad, Raped God 666, Black Hate, Putrefact, Infinitum Obscure, Ex-Inferiis, SOVS>>OSCAR GARCIA>>Raped God 666, Black Hate, Putrefact, Infinitum Obscure, Ex-Inferiis, SOVS

History & Biography
The group was founded in 1994 and issued the Through The Innards I (The First Session) demo in 1995. Billed as, "the most brutal band on earth to date" by Repulse Records, Disgorge is compared to Cryptopsy, Mortician and others. American Line is a Mexican label. The debut was released on vinyl by Nocturnal Music and sold 4,000 copies on CD. The band was formed in 1994 and released several tapes including a video appearance on Bellphegot Records' Audio Visual Aberration.

They played shows with Cannibal Corpse, Immolation and Incantation before getting signed for its debut. Disgorge released a split with Squash Bowels before moving on to Repulse. The second album of the Mexicans was released in North America by Necropolis and censored right away for its graphic art. Apparently, " Rotgrind Death Metal with Psychopathoforensick lyrics" isn't for everyone.

With the demise of Repulse Records, the band signed with its follow-up label, Xtreem, and a third album was consequently issued in early 2003. Disgorge, Amputated, Sanatorium and Gorerotted toured in Europe. Vocalist Antimo Buonnano departed in 2004. Guitarist Edgar took over the vocals. Live Germany was issued in 2006, but stemmed from 2001. Live In Moscow 23.11.08 was a DVD in 2009. Garcia acted as Impiety's touring guitarist in Mexico in 2009. The band marshalled on, but releases were scarce from here. Guillermo Garfias left the stool in 2011. Hugore (C.A.R.N.E. and Putrefact) was on bass between 2012 and 2016. The group was booked for Obscene Extreme America 2013, which took place in Mexico. The band was booked for Quebec Deathfest in Canada in 2019. The band uncovered old material that it released as Through The Innards I (The First Session) in 2021. The group appeared at Obscene Extreme in the Czech Republic in July and the Insanity Assault Festival in Colombia in August 2023. The band was booked to travel to Ecuador in March 2024.


This is the CD you play when you want to say, 'screw this life, screw this world, hell screw this universe...let everything rot!!' It is hard to fathom how anybody can deliver so much obduration on a diet of tacos and nachos, but these Mexicans reign supreme in the realm of metallic speed, heaviness and aggression. It is as if my sub woofers have gone on overdrive. Comprised of Guillermo (Skullcrusher), Antimo (Oxidised bulldozer and vocals) and Edgar (pyosisified axe grinder) and having existed for over five years, it is only now that through Repulse Disgorge has managed to release a proper album and it serves to demonstrate that fans of grinding death metal have another great choice here. For this is chock full of ultra-fast drum rolls, bruising guitar jabs and vocals sick, sick, very sick! This is sick beyond belief- and premeditatedly so in an offbeat way. My only concern is the very fake cover here. Fans of Cryptopsy, Deranged and Impaled have to pick this up; everybody else stand clear for this may prove your death! - Ali "The Metallian"

Mexico's Disgorge is the true poser-killer of the metal scene. Everything about this band is extreme. Even when the band slows down for all of ten seconds to allow the listener catch his breath, the heaviness is mind-numbing. The vocalist for Disgorge operates in ranges only audible to very specific members of the animal kingdom. The musicians play so fast that by the time they finished recording in the studio, it was already three days after the album's release. The drummer attacks his kit with such abandon that drums have been known to evaporate under his touch. Songs like Raise The Pestilence and Boiling Vomit Through My Veins are understated manifestations of the limits of the English language. This extremity can only be fathomed through one's own ears - and at great personal risk - so grab a copy! This is the band that even blows away battle-hardened metal fans with its sheer force. Buy AND die! - Ali "The Metallian"