Desecrated - 1997 - Pulverizer
Welcome to Oblivion - 2000 - Dead Sun
Demonic Portraiture - 2001 - Morbid
Vedma - 2002 - Morbid
As We Burn - 2004 - Morbid
Breaker Of Bones – 2022 - Pest

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Evil Ed - Tiberon, Vital Remains>>Zion>>Vital Remains – Kaos Rising>>CASEY LOVING>>Kaos Rising

Eyegouger>>Preston Schrewsbury>>Eyegouger - Eyegouger, Jungle Rot, Novembers Doom, Cold Bearded Killers>>MIKE LEGROS>Eyegouger, Jungle Rot, Novembers Doom, Disinter, These Are They, Cold Bearded Killers – Crematorium, Corphagy, Morgue Supplier>>MICHAEL “BATS” MARTOCCI>>Corphagy, Morgue Supplier

Gorgasm, Morgue Supplier>>Bats>>Morgue Supplier – Earthen>>Dino Ramirez>>Hells’ Corpse – JON BILLMAN

Funeral Nation>>Dave Chiarella>>Usurper - Ad Infinitum, Gorgasm, Thrustor>>Tom Pilasiewicz>>Ad Infinitum, Gorgasm, Thrustor, Holocaustum – Morningstar, Worms Inside, Hunter-Killer>>MAX COLLUNGA>>Hunter-Killer

History & Biography
Disinter has been playing death metal in and around Chicago since 1990 when it was formed by Evil Ed, guitarists Preston and Tom, bassist Jay and Judd on drums. A demo called Disinterra Et Corpus was issued before the band was killed off and Preston joins Eyegouger who released a 7" on Nuclear Blast.

Two years passed and with the demise of Eyegouger, Disinter is, well, disinterred. The Storm Of The Witch demo garners a contract with local label Pulverizer. With that label's demise, an independent CD is released which is licensed to Dead Sun Records of France. Dead Sun in turns licensed the album to Morbid Records of Germany which had already expressed interest in the band and thus for its third album the band signed directly to Morbid Records. A shaped disc called The Beauty Of Suffering is also released independently in July 2000.

In the summer of 2002 the band announced a new album, entitled Designed By The Devil, Powered By The Dead, with a release date set for 2003. The band re-announced the album as a double-set in 2003. A release date of late 2003 was set with the delays partly attributed to a shifting line-up. Disinter parted ways with frontman Zion who was leaving for California. The band had recently completed work on a new studio album called As We Burn. The Desecrated album was re-issued by Merciless Records in 2007. Chicago, USA-based death metal veterans were to have record called Demolition Red through Pest Records in late 2020. Pest Records would issue Demolition, a new compilation by Chicago, Illinois, USA-based death metal band. It was out on January 26th 2022. The band and label had previously announced a 2020 album called Demolition Red, which was AWOL. Disinter had a first full-length in 18 years in 2022. The band's new album Breaker Of Bones was made up of 10 new tracks and out through Pest Records on 14.11.2022.

Disinter (Peru) and Disinter (USA) had a split release called Alliance Of Death through Pest Records in 2022. The songs were available on other releases previously.


Now signed directly to Berlin's Morbid Records which signed the band directly after initially licensing the second album from Dead Sun Records, American band Disinter is back with its third full length album (initially called Beyond The Grace Of God) and a new line up. Firstly allow TUR to extend kudos to the band for persevering for over a decade. The commitment to metal is appreciated. Musically and conceptually, Disinter are a slight surprise to this writer. Past a well composed intro, the opening song Strength & Honour (notice the correct and Canadian spelling) mixes death metal heaviness with a serving of harmonic melody unexpected in Disinter's context. The chord progressions on this song are very good and skillful. A track like An Eternity Of Pain is self-referencing however and sheer heaviness. While no lyrics are presented the text seems above average and rather knowledgeable. All in all a better album musically than the knights at Metallian Towers had expected. The cover artwork is also beautiful in its ugliness and demands a vinyl release. Especially because the edges are too dark to be clear. On the other side of the scale, the band's dual-vocal approach, while not bad, is rather standard. Finally the unlisted (yet ever so cliche) cover - this time courtesy of At The Gates - is also on this CD. Speaking of cliches the band also includes a 'hidden' track which by now is almost standard fare. All in all though, and despite the last two negative strokes, Demonic Portraiture is an album worth owning and may surprise a few of you.

It is too bad that Disinter has a fluctuating line-up and is a strictly part-time affair. The Chicago-area death metal unit gallops hard at the behest of all demons of eternity and crushes with conviction. The album's presentation and colours reek of Centurian's last album and the musical direction of the band is not that far behind either. The dual-vocals approach conveys a demonic presence, the riffs ride with power and speed and the variation in material means the listener won't be jaded anytime soon. How many death metal bands out there could incorporate a acoustic guitar interlude and make it work? Probably not many! Born To Darkness and Inferno are probably the stand-out tracks here. Fans of Sinister, Deicide, Centurian et al will dig this. - Ali "The Metallian"