Motherwar - 2000 - MFN
Terrorizer (The Last Chapter...) - 2003 - Medusa/Khaosmaster

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Krister Andersson - Dark Edge, Station 5>>FREDRIK KARLSSON>>Dark Edge, Station 5

Dark Edge, Station 5>>DANIEL LUNDBERG>>Dark Edge, Station 5 - Emil Larsson

Jonas Kimbrell>>The Marble Icon, Nocturnal Domination, Nocturnal Damnation, Cryptic Art - Marbleicon>>Fredrik Larsson - Mattias Hellman

Emanuel Astrom - Dennis Nilsson

DANIEL LUNDBERG - Dark Edge, Station 5>>FREDRIK KARLSSON>>Dark Edge, Station 5

History & Biography
This Swedish metal act arose and was based in Gnesta and its only remaining original member is Lundberg. The band's earliest line-up featured one Criss Andersson on vocals. Formed in 1991, Dispatched issued a bevy of demos namely 1992's Dispatched Into External, 1993's Promo 1, 1993's The Crusade Of The Northern Gods and Promo 2 also from 1993. The latter was meant as an aborted release by Germany's Exhumed Productions. A 7" EP called Awaiting The End followed in in 1995.

When after the single the entire rhythm section dispatched itself, two former Marbleicon members were recruited as replacements. The Blackshadows MCD was recorded in 1994 and released in 1996. In the meanwhile, the band had gone on hiatus for a while. The Returned To Your Mind MCD was released a year later. 1998 meant the release of the MCD Promised Land. At this juncture the Swedes contemplated changing monickers to Deadly Grace, but nothing transpired. England's Music For Nations signed the band and eventually released a full-length. The band now featured Mattias Hellman, the band's former drummer, on bass guitar as Larsson had left the act prior to the album's street-date.

The band can also be heard on the Sometimes Death is Better part 5-9, Only Death Is Real Vol. 3 and European Death-o-phobia Vol. 1 samplers. Dispatched entered Studio Fredman in early 2001, but unsatisfied with the results scrapped the recording. The band was simultaneously dropped by MFN.

Dispatched disbanded mid-2002. Daniel Lundberg, Fredrik "Mussla" Karlsson and the band's last bass player Mattias Hellman formed Station 5. The band negotiated with MFN and Khaosmaster/Medusa Productions issued a limited edition of the scrapped recordings in 2003. It was called Terrorizer (The Last Chapter...). The band was offered a deal with Rising Realm who also licensed and re-released this recording, but nothing happened. GS Productions of Russia released the Blackshadows​ (Dispatched To Hell - Part I) and Promised Land​ (Dispatched To Hell - Part II) compilations in 2014. These, in turn, were compiled into one release in 2021, which was the band’s 30th anniversary.

The standard-issue return occurred in 2021. The band began writing music in 2021 and issued a demo called Warfare in 2022. The band was singer Fredrik Karlsson, guitar and piano man Daniel Lundberg and bassist Petter Furå.