Antes Do Fim - 1986 - Independent
Dividir E Conquistar/Divide And Conquer - 1988 - Independent
Searching For The Light - 1990 - Wild Rags
Musical Guide From Steelium - 1992 - Heavy
Alea Jacta Est - 1994 - Cogumelo
Straight - 1997 - Cogumelo
Live Terrorism - 1999 - Independent
Imperium – 2014 - Heavy
Ultimatum Live – 2019 – Varda

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B= Claudio "Cromagnon" Lopes - Alexadre Farias - CLAUDIO "CROMAGNON" LOPES

D= Toninho “Hardcore”

History & Biography
The Rio band has existed under the moniker since 1982. Following a split LP called Ultimatum in 1985, the Brazilian boys demonstrated a continuing penchant for releasing thrash metal dealing with social issues. The second LP was released in two different versions to attract a wider audience. The band's first release outside the country featured two tracks from this album through the Swiss Flight Nineteen Records. This after the band's deal with SPV USA fell through because of that label's bankruptcy. A later deal with Wild Rags failed to launch the career of the band outside Brazil and the band remained an active, if elusive, act. 1999's Live Terrorism featured the Ultimatum material as a bonus. The band split up in 2001.

Antes Do Fim was rerecorded and released as Antes Do Fim, Depois Do Fim in 2005. Dorsal Atlantica had a movie called Guerrilha! in 2016. The movie was based on the band’s return in 2012. There was also a graphic novel about the history of the band (written and drawn by Carlos Lopes) which was out soon. Moreover, the band was recording a new album that merged Brazilian music with the band’s style. Brazil-based The boys were mixing and mastering its 2017 demo Canudos, which was described as “a political and humanist work, a cry for help.” The band had moved away from metal and crossover and incorporated ethnic Brazilian and folk music. Américo Mortagua was on drums now. He died of cancer in 2018.

Ultimatum Live was a limited edition recording stemming from 1985. Pandemia was a crowd funded 2021 demo. Braulio Drumond was on drums. He was also active with Rob Rock, Leather and half a dozen other acts. Very early drummer Roberto Moura died of cancer in 2021.

Claudio and Carlos are brothers.



Dorsal Atlantica