Dying Inside - 2007 - Arctic

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S= Malevolent Creation, Silent Death>>BRETT HOFFMANN>>Malevolent Creation
B= Malevolent Creation>>SCOTT O'DELL
D= Shane Rizzano

Featuring former Malevolent Creation singer Brett Hoffmann the band was actually founded in 2002 in Buffalo before inducting the new singer in 2004 and soon (2005) issuing a demo of hardcore and death metal. The group would persist despite Hoffmann returning to Malevolent Creation with the band signing to the Arctic Music of MC’s Phil Fasciana. Oddly enough, Down The Drain and Hoffmann had been the subject of much criticism and ridicule by Fasciana prior to the reunion.

Rizzano was booted from the band in tandem with the start of 2008. The new man was a Leo Gastle from Pantera cover band Driven. DTD was recording a new album called Ground Pounder. The band’s video for Back Of My Hand was at The band had finished its second album Ground Pounder and was awaiting its release later in 2009.


Why oh why would Arctic sign Down The Drain when the label’s proprietor has acknowledged the band’s weakness? Apparently, blood - or in this case a band-mate - is thicker than water. Phil Fasciana may sign the band of former and yet again singer Bret Hoffmann, but that a good album does not make.
Oft branded as a hardcore band, Down The Drain is more of a death metal act down to its gruff vocals and downbeat riffs. These are two particular elements we should focus on given their general weakness and aura of insipidity. Bret might be also of Malevolent Creation, but his delivery here is hollow and weak. A better growl is to be found on nearly any street corner of the death metal scene. The music is worse, while songs retain a good amount of heaviness and speed, the basic riffs and rudimentary arrangements truly leave a lot to be desired. Songs like Void Revised and Arsenal may have had more work done on their titles than on their music. Void Revised, in particular, sounds like something a novice band’s jam session would produce in its first five minutes. In an era of competitive environments and advancing technique and meaning there is little that can be said about this album than, 'what were they thinking?' - Ali “The Metallian”


Down The Drain