Quest For Glory - 1998 - Dragonheart
Gemini – 2000 - Dragonheart
Razorblade God – 2002 - Dragonheart
When Lightning Strikes – 2012 – My Kingdom
Run With The Wolf – 2015 – My Kingdom
Chaos Lord – 2021 – Punishment 18

Drakkar image
Vision>>Luca Cappellari>>White Lilith - Athlantis, Verde Lauro, Ruxt>>DAVIDE DELL'ORTO>>Athlantis, Verde Lauro, Ruxt

Crimson Dawn, Darian And Friends>>DARIO "DARIAN" BERETTA>>Crimson Dawn, Darian And Friends – Crimson Dawn>>MARCO RUSCONI>>Crimson Dawn

Alex Forgione>>Eyes Of Soul – White Lilith>>Alessandro Ferraris>>White Lilith, Edera, 6th Counted Murder, Rhetra - Controsigillo>>Simone Cappato>>Controsigillo, Mortuary Drape - Stato Brado, Darian And Friends>>SIMONE PESENTI GRITTI>>Darian And Friends

Christian 'Elaif" Fiorani – Holy Martyr, Abyssian, Wow, Myriad Lights, Tethra>>DANIELE FERRU>>Abyssian, Myriad Lights, Tethra

Eleonora Ceretti - Corrado "Sciura" Solarino – Crimson Dawn>>Emanuele Laghi>>Crimson Dawn

History & Biography
Drakkar is a fantasy metal group founded in Milan, Italy in 1995. The band released a demo called Sailing Alive in 1996. We Sail At Dawn demo of 1997 continued the theme. A ‘drakar’ was a Viking ship after all.

Dragonheart Records of Italy issued the group’s debut album in 1998. Quest For Glory featured singer Luca Cappellari, guitarist Dario "Darian" Beretta, bassist Alex Forgione and drummer Christian 'Elaif" Fiorani. Crown Of Autumn’s Emanuele Rastelli was a guest keyboardist. The band appeared at Monsters Of Rock festival in Turin, Italy where Deep Purple was headlining. Gemini followed a cliché-ridden path and added a keyboard player. Bassist Alessandro Ferraris was also new establishing a pattern of line-up changes. Corrado "Sciura" Solarino was the second piano player. Davide Dell'Orto was on vocals for Razorblade God. And there was a new bass player. This album was supported through a video for the song To The Future. Unfortunately, the future was not immediate and the band went silent for nearly five years when a demo called Classified (featuring drummer Giulio Capone) was issued in 2007. Razorblade God’s sales were weak and the band’s drummer Fiorani had moved to Mexico. In the meantime, the song Killer Elite was offered as a bonus to buyers of the comic book with the same name.

At the same time, Crimson Dawn was born as a collaboration between Dario Beretta and Emanuele Rastelli (Crown of Autumn, Magnifiqat) in the winter of 2005.

It was another five years before a record emerged. When Lightning Strikes featured a guest drummer, namely Mattia Stancioiu. Like most bands out there Drakkar covered itself and added a bunch of its own older songs to the release of Run With The Wolf. The boys appeared at the Born To Fly Festival in 2017. A song from the performance appeared on the Cold Winter’s Night EP of 2018. The band reverted to demo land and issued one called Falling Down in 2020. The group and Crimson Dawn had launched a Patreon page. This “EP” succeeded in garnering the act a deal and a record was out in 2021. The label was the same as side-project Crimson Dawn’s. Marco Rusconi was a second guitarist now.

Darian And Friends was a charity musical project created by Dario Beretta. While a single was available in 2021 the band was working on a full-length for 2022. Dario was joined by Ty Christian (Lords Of The Trident), Kristian Niemann (Sorcerer), Simone Pesenti Gritti (Drakkar) and Michele Sanna (Sunstorm).