Human Device - 2004 - Arise
Enclosed - 2005 - Arise

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Dark Moor>>ALBERT MAROTO - Antares>>Matias Sosa>>Bridge To Nowhere


Dark Moor, Ebony Ark>>JORGE SAEZ>>Ebony Ark, Slowburn, Rancor, Roar

Dark Moor, Arwen, Ebony Ark>>Roberto P.Camus>Ebony Ark, Arwen - Aguatapa, Sphinx, The Evolution, Middle Earth>>NINO RUIZ

History & Biography
Dreamaker was conjured in 2003 by former Dark Moor members vocalist Elisa C. Martín, guitarist Albert Maroto, keyboardist Roberto P. Camus and drummer Jorge Sáez who left the latter band for the usual musical differences. Joining them was former Antares guitarist Matías Sosa who hailed from Argentina. They signed with Dark Moor's label, Arise Records, and soon issued Human Device. The first album was recorded at Sonic Pump Studio in Finland in September, 2003. Nino Ruiz soon joined on keyboards. The group toured Japan in 2004.

Enclosed was issued in March of 2005. This record added more poppy and dance elements. David Ramos joined on guitar replacing Sosa. The band became inactive and eventually disbanded in 2011.


Dreamaker is an offshoot of Dark Moor which is also on Arise Records. It is natural then to compare the bands especially given how they have both just released albums. In a head-on comparison one has to give the advantage to Dark Moor. While Dreamaker has its positive aspects, the band also has its weaknesses. Dreamaker's Enclosed mixes pompous, keyboard-oriented aggressive rock with a sound that time and time again brings Evanescence to mind. What is certain is how the voice of Elisa C. Martin brings the American Christian rockers to mind. Male lead and backing vocals are also present, but it is Martin's singing which dominate of course. The music is often aggressive or upbeat and swirls in and out of its trajectory. The band has an accomplished guitarist in Matias Sosa and should use him more often. Still, given a limited budget Dark Moor's Beyond The Sea is the way to go. - Ali "The Metallian"