Journey Into Mystery - 1987 - New Renaissance
Pittsburgh Sludge Metal – 2009 – Hell’s Headbangers
Somnium Excessum – 2013 – Svart
Dissemination – 2016 – Rise Above

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Penance>>BRIAN LAWRENCE>>Penance

Penance>>BRIAN LAWRENCE>>Penance - Blackfinger, Penance, Doomwatch>>TERRY WESTON>>Blackfinger, Penance, Doomwatch

Ted Williams>>Eviction – Mole Hill, Penance, Deathmass>>RICHARD FREUND>>Mole Hill, Penacne, Deathmass

Cathedral, Penance, Pentagram, Under The Sun, Internal Void>>MIKE SMAIL>>Cathedral, Penance, Pentagram, Under The Sun, Internal Void

History & Biography
The band was founded in 1985 and ceased activity in 1989. A self-titled demo and a 1986 one called More Graveyard Delving were issued. Dream Death released much praise for its doom metal approach and could have gone as far as Trouble or Saint Vitus, yet New Renaissance was not able to support the band. Indeed, the band’s demos gained more traction than its debut album. Smail briefly joined Cathedral and eventually recorded with Penance, which was a continuation of sorts for this act. Richard Freund had replaced Ted Williams towards the first round of the band’s existence.

The band, which reformed in 2005 to release the demo compilation Back From The Dead on Psychodoomelic Records, was booked to open for Celtic Frost in Pennsylvania in 2006. Pittsburgh Sludge Metal was an early recording of the act. The group signed with Rise Above, which had also signed Penance.



Dream Death