Resurrection - 1999 - Warhead
A Rise To Power - 2002 - Metal Warriors
One Step Beyond - 2004 - LMP
The Final Chapter – 2006 – Modern Invasion

Dungeon image
Ilium>>LORD TIM GROSE>>Ilium, Lord, Blackened Angel

Ilium>>LORD TIM GROSE>>Ilium, Lord, Blackened Angel, Wishing Tree, Cord, Karizma - Dale Corney>>Soulforge - Stuart Marshall>>Solo, Saint Lucifer, Empires Of Eden, Death Dealer, Blasted To Static, Night Legion

Justin Sayers - Brendon McDonald - Glenn Williams>>Night Legion

Dark Order, Addictive>>Steve Moore>>Ilium - Neophobia, Automation, Deadspawn>>Grahame Goode – Battalion>>TIM YATRAS>>Lord, Grey Waters, Austere, Simon Polhill, Autumn Dawn, Nazxul, Germ, Blackened Angel

History & Biography
Sydney-based Dungeon was a heavy metal band that was formed in 1989 by Lord Tim, bassist Eddie Tresize and drummer Ian De Bono. A keyboardist named Carolyn Boo would be recruited later, but would only last a year. The band underwent regular line-up changes. Known demos are 1992's Don't Look Back, 1995's Changing Moods and 2001's Maiden Our Spare Time. The latter CD came after the band's debut full-length was issued through Australian label Warhead and was stacked with cover versions of Iron Maiden, Anthrax and others. A compilation called Demolition was issued in Japan in 1996 through TDK. The band later obtained a deal with Germany's LMP and issued One Step Beyond through the company. The same label saw fit to issue a re-recorded version of Resurrection in 2005. In that year, the band split up following the departure of Stu Marshall and Glenn Williams. Main man Lord Tim decided to call it a day and move on to a new outfit called Lord. Still, the band issued its second video in 2005 and its good-bye album in 2006.

In its time, Dungeon opened for Yngwie Malmsteen, Edguy, Megadeth and others.


Dungeon is a disbanded Australian heavy metal band and Resurrection is an older album that has been re-recorded and re-issued with bonus songs and new art. Why? Can’t say. The material is average and hardly exciting. There is nothing wrong with the music here either. It just plods along. Fans of Iron Maiden, Iced Earth and Jag Panzer would not mind it. Severed Ties is a slow song. Otherwise, I Am death is an above average tune where the singer inserts some extra energy and goes out of his element. Electrifying parts are rare, but The Legend Of Huma is also not bad with good riffs and leads. Another notable part is the cool soloing on Paradise, which reminds me of Iron Maiden’s 1982 leads. The rest of the material is all right and representative of the genre. - Anna Tergel