Infatuation With Malevolence - 1994 - Independent
Purification Through Violence - 1996 - Pulverizer
Killing On Adrenaline - 1998 - Morbid
Destroy the Opposition - 2000 - Blunt Force
Stop At Nothing - 2003 - Relapse
War Of Attrition - 2007 - Relapse
Descend Into Depravity - 2009 - Relapse
Reign Supreme - 2012 - Relapse
Wrong One To Fuck With – 2017 - Relapse

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S= JOHN GALLAGHER - Jason Netherton>>Misery Index - Sadistic Torment, Mucous Membrane>>Vince Matthews>>Covenance
G= JOHN GALLAGHER - Brian Latta - Next Step Up, Together We Fall>>Bruce Greig>>Covenance, Misery Index - Malignant Inception, Disordered>>Mike Kimball>>Disordered
B= Jason Netherton>>Misery Index, Quills - Biovore, Sadistic Torment, Garden Of Shadows>>SEAN BEASLEY
D= Rob Belton>>Heretics Fork - Laceration>>Eric Sayenga>>Witch-hunt, Warthrone, Mordichrist - Laceration, Mordichrist, Witch-hunt>>Erik Sayenga>>Warthrone - Broken Hope, Sarcophagus, Judas Iscariot, Forest Of Impaled>>Duane Timlin>>Reign Of Vengeance - Tortured, Covenance, Severed Head>>TREY WILLIAMS>>Covenance, Severed Head

This Dying Fetus was born in 1991 by Gallagher (initially drummer) and Netherton. Dying Fetus played death metal notable for its proficient and extensive soloing. Several early tapes were licensed to Wild Rags and the debut was really a collection of demo songs. The band's debut was supported by a US and Canadian tour.

The band signed to Pulverizer for Purification, which was licensed to Diehard for Europe. This album saw the band play shows like the Milwaukee Metal Fest and The Montreal Death Fest. Album three, on Morbid Records, was supported via a tour of Europe with Deranged. In 2000, the band released both an EP called GrotesqueImpalement and a LP entitled Destroy The Opposition. Blunt Force is the band's own label.

The band soon signed to Relapse Records. A tour with Kataklysm followed. In the spring of 2003, a revamped line-up issued Stop At Nothing. A European tour in the summer of 2004 was postponed because the band had difficulties with its promoter. Drummer Erik Sayenga left in the second quarter of 2005 to concentrate on Warthrone. Also in the new band were former band-mates Richard Johnson and Kristel. War Of Attrition was released by Relapse in March, 2007. Duane Timlin was out as drummer and Trey Williams of Tortured and Covenance was in mid-2007. Guitarist Mike Kimball quit Dying Fetus in early 2008. The band was auditioning replacements. The Killing On Adrenaline DVD was out in 2008. Cannibal Corpse and Dying Fetus were touring Europe in October of 2009. The openers for the European Plague Tour were Obscura and Evocation. Simultaneously, the band picked Descend Into Depravity as the title for its latest album, which was due on September 15th through Relapse Records. The band was touring that summer. Napalm Death and Dying Fetus were undertaking a mini-tour of Australia in September of 2010. The band was on the Facemelter Tour with Misery Index and others earlier. Dying Fetus would release an EP in the summer of 2011 entitled History Repeats..., to commemorate the band's 20th anniversary. The EP featured cover versions of Napalm Death, Bolt Thrower, Cannibal Corpse and Pestilence, as well as a new Dying Fetus track. Dying Fetus announced Reign Supreme as the title for its next album, which was due in the summer through Relapse Records. The album was recorded at Wrightway Studio in Baltimore with producer Steve Wright. Dying Fetus would tour Europe using The Womb To Waste Tour monicker in September, 2012. Support on the tour was Job For A Cowboy, Revocation and Cerebral Bore. After re-signing with Relapse Dying Fetus also booked a North American tour in the autumn of 2013 with Exhumed and Devourment. Dying Fetus released a new album, called Wrong One To Fuck With, on June 23rd 2017 through Relapse Records.

Dying Fetus and Suicide Silence would co-headline the Chaos & Carnage tour in the USA in April 2023. Aborted, Born Of Osiris, Sanguisugabogg, Crown Magnetar and Slay Squad would open. The band was also booked in Latin America and Europe.


Famed Maryland deathsters Dying Fetus are no strangers to the underground death metal. However, it was only recently that the crushing quartet who already had a couple of releases on Wild rags were the subject of rumours pertaining to the demise of the band due to the severance of a member’s fingers and a lack of response to mail, etc. Pushing all the stories aside, the pulverizers emerge back unto the scene via this full-length CD, and it will not be long before you notice that all the elements are in place. The vocals exist at ankle level and no higher (the way they should be) and the musicianship too is definitely intact. The sound is clear, yet for some reason it’s not coming over as powerfully as it could have been. Randy Williams of Pulverizer Records has done a good job of releasing a professional CD by a real death metal talent. It is now up to the rest of us to support this endeavour. But, as no review of mine is complete without some criticism, allow me to question the inclusion of yet another cover version in this over-covered scene of ours. - Ali “The Metallian”


Dying Fetus