Human=Garbage - 1994 - Common Cause

Dystopia image
S= Mindrot>>Dan Kaufman>>Destroy Judas - DINO SOMMESE - MATT PARILLO
G= Mindrot>>MATT PARIILLO>>Mindrot, Kicker
B= Confrontation, Phobia>>TODD KIESSLING>>Mange
D= Carcinogen>>DINO SOMMESE>>Phobia, Asunder, Ghoul, Noothgrush

Showing a distinct knowledge of mankind, California's Dystopia emerged onto the scene in 1994. Having been formed in 1991 by former members of Mindrot, Confrontation and Carcinogen, the band mixed power with gloom. Later two band members moved to Oakland, California. The band has released several singles and split LPs. The album was initially released in 1994 as a five-track LP on the band's own Life Is Abuse and Misanthropic Records. Common Cause in Germany released the expanded CD and also booked the band's first European tour. A self-titled demo was also issued independently in 2008. The band threw in the towel in 2008.

In 2014, Tankcrimes reissued the record including tracks from the band's 1993 splits with Grief and Embittered.