Taming Of The Demons - 2002 - Southern Lord
Vampire Circus - 2005 - Southern Lord
Something Wicked – 2010 – Earth Brain

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Unorthodox, Love Razor, Pendulum, Spirit Caravan, Wretched, Black Mass, Weed Is Weed, Galactic Cross>>DAVE SHERMAN>>Black Mass, Weed Is Weed, Galactic Cross

War Injun>>Kyle Vansteinburg>>War Injun

Chowder>>Joe Ruthvin

Internal Void>>ERIC LITTLE>>Church Of Misery

History & Biography
Earthride is another Maryland doom metal band following the path of Black Sabbath and company. The band released a four-song EP on its own Earth Brain Records in 2000. That CD resulted in a contract with Southern Lord which sent the band and producer Chris Koslowski into the studio for a debut. Taming Of The Demons appeared in June, 2002. The band labels its music, "Pure Maryland Doom For The Brotherhood Of Music."

The band played locally with Sunno))), Place Of Skulls and Unearthly Trance and at the South By Southwest music showcase.

The band began recording a new album in the winter of 2005 with producer Mike Dean of Corrosion Of Conformity fame. A couple of tracks also featured Clutch keyboardist Mike Schauer. Jean Paul from Clutch assisted in engineering the record. Vampire Circus appeared in late 2005. Earthride and Doomraiser had a split release in 2010. Ed Brown became the bassist and Greg Ball the guitarist in 2017.


This sure will mellow those demons. The album starts with a little bass play, follows it with a rootsy lead section which in turn introduces us to Lemmy and Lee Dorrian. Dave Sherman (Spirit Caravan, Unorthodox, etc.) sure comes across as the bastard child of the two L's. This little fiend is much the same musically. The raw and bass-oriented sound clashes with the doom metal to form an Earthride. The snag is that the ride is down the same old avenue. It's like watching the same Train Wreck over and over again. Even at Volume 10 the music is governed by the law of diminishing returns. It is progressively less fun down the line. Earthride probably do not care. It is all the same to them. They like the sound and will die bashing it. Drummer Eric Little is formerly of Internal Void. Be that as it may, there is nothing wrong with the delivery. These walls have heard these sounds before though.

The '70s lives on and its home is down in Maryland. Believe me not? Check out Earthride whose moniker alone should hint at the band’s influences and sound. Vampire Circus is a merry-go-round of bass-oriented acoustics that comes across as if the vocals of Lemmy were recorded while he was dropping acid with the guys from Blue Cheer jamming in the back. Doomed from start to finish Vampire Circus has brought in Clutch’s Mike Schauer to add a sombre mood to songs like Dirtnap and Swamp Witch with his organic keyboards straight out of... 1971! Someone better make sure Dave, Eric, Rob and Kyle stay hunkered indoors. There is no telling the shock they will receive were they to ever stick their heads outside and see what is going on or in which year we are. - Ali “The Metallian”